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How To Run Your Hybrid Event In Singapore 2022

Are you running a Hybrid Event in Singapore for the first time, or looking on ways to improve upon your existing Hybrid Event arrangements? In this article, we will discuss real Hybrid Event executions. And these are not dreamy concepts, but real world advice that you really need to know. Our knowledge comes from our experience in planning and executing Virtual & Hybrid Events for our clients.

Quick Introduction Of Our Team & Experience

Our team have explored live streaming since 2018 and in 2020, we have seen it taking off in a big way. In 2020 & 2021, our team have delivered over 30 virtual & hybrid events in Singapore. The Hybrid Events we have delivered includes:

What Is Hybrid Event?

Hybrid Event refers to a physical event with both physical and virtual audience. This may sound straight forward enough, but remember, you will need to engage your virtual audiences and make them feel heard. This will make your logistics more complex. Which we will discuss further later in this article.

Hybrid Event Registration

There is no fixed way for doing registration for your Hybrid Event. If you are organising an event with less than 100 attendees, you won’t have to worry too much about finding a registration tool. Even a Google Form will work. You can then approve and import your attendee list manually.

If you are holding your Hybrid Event on Zoom Webinar, you can import an excel list of contacts. However, if you are using Zoom Meetings, you will have to send out the meeting link and details manually.

There are multiple Hybrid Events platform out there, one platform with local support is Micepad. The Hybrid Event platforms will usually include customisable registration features.

For Hybrid Events that charge a ticket fee, you will be happy to know that platforms like Hopin supports ticketing. They will usually charge a commission.

Multi-Track Hybrid Events in Singapore

Hopin Live Streaming Singapore
Screenshot of Hopin’s Website

If you aren’t running a big budget event, your first consideration will be to use Zoom Meetings. But take note that Zoom Webinar do not support Breakout Rooms.

However, every event is unique and you might have a seemingly trivial requirement that Zoom simply cannot handle. For instance, allowing a participant to choose 2 of many breakout rooms. In that case, you can once again look to platforms like Hopin.

Audio Visual Equipment & Support

Vivid Snaps live streaming production crew setting up professional equipment for a live stream
A Feature Photo of Vivid Snaps Team at Work

Unlike virtual event where you do not have a physical audience, you will need to treat your Hybrid Event like a physical event. You will need location audio, like speakers, stage monitors, backdrop and maybe even projectors.

The provisions will vary depending on your event venue. If you are running the Hybrid Event at your company meeting room, you may already have wireless microphones and basic speakers. Many hotel function rooms have a set of basic AV setup too.

If you go to a venue without any AV provisions, then it will be necessary to engage an AV vendor to setup the equipment. This part can be covered by your event management company, the live streaming vendor or even engaged separately.

Panel Discussion, Q&A

Panel discussion in a webinar live streaming
Panel Discussion Live Streaming at Client’s Location

When you use Zoom Webinar, a Q&A feature is built into the platform. And we have also seen many clients simply using the chat box for attendees to submit their questions. After which, you will need to consider how your moderator will receive the questions. Does she login to Zoom on her device, or someone would send the questions to her?

Besides your virtual attendees, your physical audience can ask questions the using a microphone much like a physical event. Take note that the microphone has to be sanitised after each attendee has used it.

Alternatively, dedicated Q&A tools like Pigeonhole and Slido can be used too. These tool offers more control over the Q&A experience. They also have a presenter mode, allowing you to project the featured question on your location screens.

Tools like Pigeonhole and Slido will also allow your physical audience to scan a QR code to submit questions. This is really useful if you want to avoid sharing the microphone.

Connecting Remote Speakers & Presenters

Presenter Dali standing next to Dr Satoshi Fujita who is calling remotely
Customised Live Streaming Arrangements

Until countries open up their borders, you will still face trouble inviting your international speakers to a local event. Most live streaming vendor should have the means to help you connect remote presenters. On a basic level, this may be done via Zoom and integrated into your Hybrid Event platform.

However, there are few other ways to connect a remote presenter. For instance, we use a live production software vMix for this. On top of that, Hybrid Event platforms like ON24 and Hopin also have the option of managing multiple international presenters in a seamless way.

Some of our past clients have also arranged for a studio venue for the remote presenters to call in from. Or use a standardised virtual background if they are connecting in via Zoom.

Unless the remote presenter is very seasoned, it is likely you want to arrange a connection test or even rehearsal prior to your actual event.

Pre-Recorded Segments – Video Filming For Hybrid Event

Two hosts in front of the new Lexus IS during the official car launch live stream
Studio Filming For Live Streaming

Whether you have a timezone mismatch or just want to reduce the uncertainty arising from hosting a live remote presenter, you can choose to pre-record certain segments of your Hybrid Event in Singapore.

There are 2 approaches to this, you can choose to have the pre-recorded segment to appear like it is live. This usually means not to trim any part of the pre-recorded video, even if the presenter has a couple of minor hiccups.

Or you can edit the footage or even use multiple camera angles to uplift the production quality. Either way, your video production or live streaming vendor should be able to do that for you. Just let them know before the filming begins.

Green Screen Video Filming For Hybrid Event in Singapore

Minister Josephine Teo delivering her speech in front of a green screen backdrop.
Green Screen Video Filming For Pre-recorded Live Stream

Your pre-recorded videos can also be filmed with a green screen backdrop, and you can replace the backdrop with a digital image or graphic with corporate branding.

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Hotel Hybrid Event in Singapore

Hotel Hybrid Event Singapore
Photo Of Our Crew Executing A Hybrid Event At Hotel Ballroom

A hybrid event is one with physical & virtual audience. When choosing a hotel for your hybrid event, you will need to look out for AV systems. For a smaller scale event, some hotel ballrooms and function rooms have standard audio console and speakers within their infrastructure. While a larger scale event would require a dedicated AV crew and equipment. This is sometimes inclusive within a hotel’s package, where they engage their regular AV crew on your behalf.

Our live stream production team can integrate with the hotel’s AV crew for the production of your hybrid & virtual event.

For a virtual event within a hotel, the AV infrastructure is not as important. Because when you engage a webcast live stream production team like us, we will provide the microphone and audio systems. You do not need audio speakers as you do not have a physical audience.

When choosing a hotel venue for your hybrid & virtual event, you will need a ballroom or function room with Internet connection via LAN cable. In a few circumstances, Wi-Fi will suffice, but it is not recommended.

It may also be cost effective to select venues that already has a LED wall backdrop. This way, you have one less segment to worry about.

Suntec Hybrid Experience Centre

Hybrid Event Singapore by Vivid Snaps
Photo of Vivid Snaps Team Working Alongside Suntec’s Crew

We can’t write this article without mentioning an exceptional Hybrid Event venue. The venue is complete with wide LED backdrop, stage lights, stage furniture, projector screens, cameras, audio equipment and Internet connection.

Of course, they also have table and seating for your physical guests. You can also arrange for food catering for your guests too.

Auditorium Hybrid Event in Singapore

Your organisation may have your own venue, such as an auditorium. As such, the AV systems would have already been setup. On the technical side, you only need to hire a live streaming crew to cover the camera and webcasting.

Read more about Healthcare Hybrid Event on our other article.

Auditorium Live Streaming in Singapore
Photo of our crew conducting a pre-event site-recce at auditorium venue

One of the most important thing when live streaming from an auditorium location is making sure that a stable Internet connection is available via LAN cable. We do this by scheduling a site-recce at the auditorium venue to conduct a standard speed test.

Internet bandwidth fluctuation can happen, and it is preferred to have Internet bandwidth in excess to ensure a smooth streaming process on the actual event day.

Safe Distancing Assistant Devices

Safe Distancing Pager For Hybrid Event in Singapore
Safe Distancing Assistant Devices by Pathfindr

Even with your best efforts, excited guests at your event will tend to mingle and unknowingly breach the 1m social distancing guideline. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they could be notified immediately if they are standing too close together? We were surprised when we first learnt that a device like this exists! Pathfindr SDAs are available for purchase or rental through their sister company, ALIVE, who are based here in Singapore.

For information, prices and demos, contact Fadhil at:

Safe Management Measures for Hybrid Event in Singapore

We have covered this topic in an earlier Virtual & Hybrid Event Singapore article: How To Plan A Virtual or Hybrid Event in 2021.

The same information is also available publicly on government website for your reference.

Can’t Come To Singapore? No Problem

Just a year ago, you may not have imagine yourself running a physical, or even Hybrid Event in Singapore without being here personally. However, with travel restrictions, we hardly have any options.

As crazy as it sounds, our live streaming crew have executed a Hybrid Event for client who was based overseas. Through video calls, emails and telecommunications, we kept the client involved throughout the planning process.

Green Screen Studio For Video Filming

Best Green Screen Studio
Reference photo of a 2 subject setup at Vivid Snaps studio

We have a green screen studio setup reserved exclusively for our clients only, this provides our clients with high schedule availability. The studio is complimentary to use when you engage our live streaming or video production services.

Hiring A Hybrid Event & Live Streaming Crew

The Vivid Snaps team posing for the camera for a group photo

Whether you are running an internal or public event, you will likely need a Hybrid Event and live streaming production crew. A production crew like our team helps you iron out the nitty gritty technical workings of your live stream. Often, you can also leverage on our experience to give you quick tips that saves you time and hassle along the way.

Our team serves primarily organisational and corporate clients, making up about 95% of our portfolio works. Get in touch with us to discuss your upcoming Hybrid Event in Singapore, our team will assist you.

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