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Healthcare Live Streams in Singapore

The prevalence of COVID-19 cases globally have led organisations and companies to turn to virtual solutions. In this article, we share how healthcare events can also be taken online.

We will also share with you some things to look out for when your organisation is considering to host a healthcare live stream.

What is a Live Stream?

Healthcare Live Streaming in Singapore
Behind the scene of a healthcare live streaming production

A live stream typically involves live broadcasting to a virtual audience in real time. The online streaming media can be simultaneously recorded and broadcasted, allowing viewers who missed a live stream to view it after the session is over. 

Types of Live Streams 

At Vivid Snaps, we are a live webcast vendor providing professional live stream production services for multiple types of live streams: Remote, On-site, and Hybrid. 

  • For Remote live streams: Presenters typically connect from their home, or even their office, using a laptop or desktop with webcam. Our technical crew will manage the live stream from our office, ensuring the live stream proceeds smoothly. A Remote live stream is suitable for events such as online competitions, corporate webinars, etc. 
  • For On-site live streams: Presenters are typically present in a studio setting or physical venue and our technical crew will be handling the live stream from the filming venue itself. Professional filming equipment such as cameras and microphones will be used during the live stream. An On-site live stream is suitable for events such as press conferences, lifestyle events (e.g. cooking shows, e-commerce, social media live streams), product launches, etc. 
  • For Hybrid live streams: A combination of physical presenters and virtual presenters are active for real-time discussions. Our technical crew will be on-site at the filming venue but we will be able to connect remote speakers via a live video production software. A Hybrid live stream is an ideal solution in a time when travelling is highly restricted. Find out more about our Hybrid live streaming productions

Virtual Event & Live Streaming Platforms

There are multiple platforms that you can live stream on depending on the requirements of your event. Learn more about the different live streaming platforms available.

Screenshot taken from TTSH Facebook page.

In this live stream with Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) for their event, we hosted the live stream sessions on Zoom Webinar

If you’re considering streaming your healthcare live stream on Zoom too, we recommend using preferably large text or fonts for content that you wish to share with your virtual audience. This will aid in the visibility of your content such that your audience can easily view and understand it.

For security reasons, only pre-registered attendees could watch the live stream on Zoom. However, should you wish for your healthcare live stream to be made available to the public, that is also possible. We will provide a general Zoom link where anybody can join and there will be no screening process for participants to enter the Zoom session. 

Alternatively, we also recommend using Youtube, Facebook, and Vimeo for public events. All these platforms allow for unlimited audiences.

We recommend planning your healthcare live stream such that there is sufficient time for your speakers to present, not forgetting the commonly included Q&A session at the end whereby participants can ask questions they might have regarding the content covered during the live stream. 

Similar to an in-person Q&A session where participants will normally raise their hand up to ask a question, Zoom Webinar has a function that allows virtual participants to “raise their hand” using one of the webinar functions. This stimulates an actual Q&A segment and is an ideal function should your participants wish to verbally ask their question instead of typing it down via the Zoom chat function. 

Who is Your Intended Audience?

It is important to know your audience for the live stream, especially since a healthcare live stream will highly likely include content related to healthcare. The difference in your intended audience will affect the content of the live stream and this may come in the form of statistics or technical terms that healthcare professionals are accustomed to. If your intended audience is healthcare professionals, you may wish to consider including more statistics and technical terms since they fall under the same profession and will be able to relate to such content. 

However, if your intended audience is the general public, you may wish to consider including more graphics such as simple diagrams or charts that everyone can easily understand. This is because the general public who may not have any healthcare knowledge may not understand certain technical terms related to healthcare. By including simple graphics and terms that everyone will understand, your audience is more likely to be engaged during the live stream.

Screenshot taken from TTSH Facebook page.

Behind-the-scenes Videography and Photography

During your live stream session, you can also consider hiring a videographer and/or photographer to capture behind-the-scenes footage. For most events, our dedicated event videographer was in-charge of roving around the event in order to capture a variety of shots.

Footage from our behind-the-scenes videographer can then be stitched together and edited to become an event highlight which is important as this can help to engage clients beyond the event. 

For example, you can follow up with your guests by sending event highlight photos or videos to them 1 week after the event. This also serves as an encouragement for improved engagement during future events. Alternately, event highlights can also be used for promotional means of your event in the following years. 

Screenshot taken from TTSH Facebook page, showing our wireless roving live feed videography.

Find out more about our event highlight video production services!  

Here at Vivid Snaps, our event videographers, photographers, and editors take their responsibilities seriously and continuously strive to achieve results beyond the best in the industry. 

If you would like to find out more or engage us for your next event, you can contact our project coordinators who will be happy to discuss with you.

Engage a Professional Live Streaming Service Provider Today 

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Company group photo of the Vivid Snaps team

We commonly see live streams in the following event types:

  • Webinar / Seminar
  • Panel Discussion 
  • Product Launch 
  • Awards Ceremony 
  • Lifestyle and ecommerce content 

We encourage you to consider live streaming as a virtual solution to your organisation’s needs in these uncertain times. 

At Vivid Snaps, we provide professional live streaming services. Our professional live streaming crew helps you to take the uncertainty out of your live stream. If you would like to explore the option of live streaming, do not hesitate to drop us a message!


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