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Live Streaming Training For Churches

We provide live stream training for churches, with the objective to equip your volunteers with the knowledge to live stream your weekly service autonomously.

We primarily provide hands-on training for volunteers, as this is the fastest way to learn camera work and controlling the various live stream equipment.

Live Stream Video using ATEM Mini Pro

Online Resources & Our Training Service

Church live streaming setups are one of the most covered learning resources available online. To achieve a simple setup, it does not take more than viewing some online tutorials and a fair bit of tinkering.

Our training is tailored to your operation needs and address concerns that are specific to your team and location. Our team will leverage our experience to share real-world knowledge – what essential aspects are critical, and what others you can pick up later on.

Shout out to Streams of Life, who have been providing a lot of resources for local churches since the beginning of 2020.

The Challenges You Face

  • Different groups of volunteers, need to make workflow simple
  • Volunteers are not equipped with AV or video knowledge
  • Unsure of cost-effective equipment to purchase

Meeting You & Site-Recce

One of the first things we will need to do in the process is meeting you and take a walk around your live stream location. You can share your concerns with us and how you would like us to help. We will take note of your existing AV setup, and integrate them effectively.

Proposed Equipment List

Based on our site-recce, we will propose the most cost-effect equipment purchases you will need. You can then source and make the purchases with your preferred vendor, or we can also recommend them to you.

A typical list of equipment will include:

  • Panasonic UX180 (Video camera)
  • BMD ATEM Mini Pro (Switcher & encoder)
  • BMD SDI-HDMI converter (If using SDI cable)
  • Necessary audio cables, XLR, 3.5mm
  • Power & power extension cables
  • Video cables, HDMI, SDI
  • Mid-range laptop
  • Video tripod

Usually, procuring the basic set of equipment will not exceed $10,000. You can also use the above list as a guide if you are confused about what are the most cost-effective equipment to buy for your church live streaming setup.

Hands-on Training with Volunteers & Our Crew

When you have purchased the required equipment, our crew will gather with your volunteers at your live streaming location to coach and practise with the live streaming equipment.

We can train your volunteers on the follow aspects:

  • Setting up of camera equipment
  • Laying of network, power and AV cables
  • Setting up of video encoder & stream key
  • Customised BMD ATEM macros suited to your workflow
  • Powerpoint layout templates

Advanced scope of work can cover:

  • Operating vMix software

Live Streaming For The First Time – Keeping it Simple

If your church is live streaming for the first time, we advise keeping the workflow and logistics simple. So that your volunteer team can handover to each other easily, and when the workflow is simple, there will be less room for error.

Church Live Streaming on YouTube

Live streaming your weekly church service on YouTube is one of the simplest option, and there is no cost for streaming on their platform.

You can configure a fixed stream key, such that you do not have to re-enter your stream key every week.

Church Live Streaming on Zoom

For special events that are open only to a selective group of audience, you can choose to use Zoom Meetings or Zoom Webinar.

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