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Product Launch Video Production

A sucessful product launch is a crucial part the product marketing strategy as it can drive sales and boost branding right from the launch itself. If you would like to take your product launch up a notch, a product launch video is a key digital asset to help drive publicity and sales for your new product.

Read on to find out more about product launch video production and how it can benefit your product launch campaign.

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What Is A Product Launch Video?

A product launch video is a video used to generate publicity and buzz around the actual product launch. It is one of the many types of product videos that you can use for your marketing needs. There are 3 main types of product launch videos:

  1. A pre-launch video, which is used to generate social conversations in anticipation for the launch of your new product. Pre-launch videos can also be used to drive participation rates for your launch event.
  2. An event launch video, which is a video produced for the actual launch event itself. These videos introduce the product to the audiences present at the actual launch event.
  3. A post-launch video, which is used to sustain the conversation around the new product even after it has been launched in the market. One type of post-launch videos is event showreels, which highlight the key moments of your product launch event.

Product launch videos are commonly seen as advertisements on TV, social media platforms or out-of-home advertising. The main goal is to get the target audiences hyped up about the product that is being launched to drive instant product purchase.

Product Launch Live Streaming

With the Covid-19 situation, many product launches have to be held virtually. Many brands like Lancome have held product launch live streams to complement the efforts of their virtual event. This has helped to expand their event reach to a wider audience who can now attend the product launch event remotely.

Screenshot taken from the Lancome Advanced Genifique product launch live stream held in August 2020.

If you have a product launch live stream, consider showcasing your product launch video at the beginning of the live stream to generate pre-event excitment from your audience.

If required, our team also provides corporate live streaming services for our clients who wish to engage in a professional live stream for their businesses needs.

Product Launch Video Examples

Lexus- The New Lexus IS–eDE

Recently, Lexus had a virtual product launch via Facebook for their new Lexus IS sedan. This dynamic and stirring car features improved cornering, reduced body lean and greater responsiveness to the driver’s needs.

This 15-minutes long video highlights the new features of the car through a test drive with professional race car driver Andrew Tang who drove this car along the famous South Buona Vista Road (aka 99 bends). With him on the drive were TV presenter Carla Dunarearu and radio DJ Divian Nair who shared their experience being in the passenger seat.

This product launch video was presented live as a pre-recorded live stream via their Facebook page earlier in November this year. In addition to the launch video, there were also 6 other unique selling point (USP) videos that we produced for Lexus which presented a more in-depth introduction to the exciting new features of the car.

We are proud to have been the selected videography company chosen to work with Lexus for the launch for their new IS.

Nayasa Steel

The Nayasa Steel Bottle provides a food-grade steel flask for users to have a safe and enjoyable drinking experience. Instead of having to purchase bottled water, the bottle keeps your water insulated and colder for much longer. This video featured silhouette and close up shots of different sized flasks available in this series of bottles to showcase the beautiful traits of the bottle.

We especially liked the lighting in this video. We guess that the steel bottles were shot in a studio setting with professional lighting equipment which creates a beautiful silhouette of the bottles. This helped to present the bottles as a reliable, long-lasting product that viewers will enjoy using on a daily basis. This was further amplified by the heroic background music in the video.


Vinamilk, Vietnam’s first organic dairy company, launched its new line of soymilk in Singapore. This line of soymilk comes in 3 flavours, red bean, almond and walnut and is available for sale through various e-commerce websites. This video highlights the fresh ingredients part of this soymilk drink, emphasising on the “tasty and fresh” branding Vinamilk prides itself on.  

We liked the close-up shots on the milk cartons and the ingredients itself. This gave viewers a closer look at the product while emphasising the freshness of the ingredients in the video. Along with the upbeat music used, this video made Vinamilk look appealing and eye-catching for the viewers.

Towards the end of the video, we noticed that the text “Now Available” appeared on screen as a motion graphic. If required, we can design motion graphics like these for your product launch video.

Fujifilm- Professional Paper Maxima

In 2018, Fujifilm launched Maxima, a professional photo paper meant for high-end photography. This photo paper was designed to provide better longevity and greater detail for creative photographers looking to display their photos as Avante Garde art pieces.

We liked that this video adopted a more storytelling approach to introducing the product to the viewers. This was a captivating and engaging way to draw viewers into gaining a better understanding of Maxima’s inspiration and features. This approach also highlighted the potential for photographers to expand their creativity and capabilities with the new Maxima photo paper.

Liho- Oat Latte Series

Earlier this year, bubble tea brand Liho launched its dairy-free oat latte series. This series of drinks uses 100% organic milk from the brand Oatly, making it suitable for consumers who are lactose intolerant.

This video was shot using a stop-motion technique. This means that every time the drinks and milk cartons made a slight turn, a photo was taken. These series of photographs were then pieced together to form an “animated” video. We liked that this style of videography gave viewers enough time to appreciate the bubble tea cup design and the Oatly milk carton packaging.

Brass Lion– The Batik Gin

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For this year’s National Day, Brass Lion collaborated with Singapore Airlines to create an iconic gin inspired by Singapore’s vibrant food scene. This limited edition collection allowed customers to customise their gin flavours, making each order a special collector’s item that is unique and one-of-a-kind.

In this video, Brass Lion founder Jamie Koh introduced her brand philosophy and brand story. She then elaborated on the inspiration and learning experiences from Brass Lion’s collaboration with Singapore Airlines.

We liked that this product launch video included an interview segment with Jamie as it helped viewers to put a face to the Brass Lion brand. This makes the brand more personable and relatable to the audience who are more likely to remember Jamie and her story as Brass Lion’s founder.

Engage A Professional Videographer to Shoot Your Product Launch Video

While you could film your own product video with a smartphone, we recommend working with a professional product videographer who can deliver a top-notch product launch video for your businesses needs.

From conceptualising your video to filming and editing the video to match your corporate branding, engaging a professional will be able to bring out the best in your new product.

At Vivid Snaps, product launch videos are just one of the many corporate videography services that we offer to our clients. Drop our project coordinators a message today with the contact us box and we will get back to you.

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