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Social Media Product Video Production in Singapore

Social media has proven to be an essential part of any product marketing campaign. With a professional social media product video, you can potentially increase your product awareness and sales conversions right from the product launch stage.

Read on to find out more about how social media product videos can benefit your product marketing strategy.

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What is A Social Media Product Video?

A social media product video is a type of product video that has been tailored to fit the format of the various social media platforms. Social media is a powerful tool– by uploading your product video onto social media, you can potentially amplify your brand reach and product awareness. If done correctly, the video could go viral if your product video is easily shareable and relatable.

Understanding The Various Social Media Platforms

Each social media platform comes with a different format and target audience. Understanding how each platform can benefit your businesses needs will help you to craft a carefully planned video content strategy. 

For instance, YouTube is best for long-form video content. YouTube videos are highly shareable and versatile. However, long-form content needs to be concise and engaging enough to keep the audience’s attention throughout the video. Otherwise, the audience will lose focus and click away from the video. 

On the other hand, Instagram’s IGTV and reels functions are best for vertical short-form content. IG reels are 30 seconds long, while IGTV videos can go up to 60 minutes if uploaded via the web. Instagram also targets a younger demographic and caters to their shorter attention span. 

We recently broke down 7 social media platforms for a better insight into how these platforms can be best used for your video marketing strategy.

Using Native Videos

A native video is a video that is uploaded onto the website directly. For instance, a video uploaded directly onto Facebook instead of being embedded via a link is considered a native video. 

Native videos are generally not used on websites and blogs. The best practice would be to upload the video onto a video hosting platform and embed the video onto the website. This prevents the large video file from taking up too much server space. The video files also hinder your website’s load time, which directly impacts your SEOs and Google ranking. 

For social media platforms, however, we recommend using native videos whenever possible. As social media analytics provider Quintly explains, native videos on Facebook gain up to 300% more engagement than posts with a video embed link. This is done to reward users for using Facebook instead of going through other video hosting platforms like YouTube. Additionally, social media platforms like Facebook and Linkedin compile an album of uploaded videos, making it easier for users to locate your video on the social media platform.

Social Media Product Video Examples

Muhly Romance Collection

For the launch of their new Muhly Romance makeup collection, produced this lively and upbeat music video that adopted a retro 90s concept reminiscent of the current vintage trend aesthetic seen in fashion and film. The Muhly Romance song and the pastel pink colours of the video bring out the lighthearted and fun colour palette of this makeup collection. This special music video is more likely to attract viewers attention as they

Etude House’s social media strategy:

  • The original 45-second music video was posted onto YouTube, which has seen 3.7k views so far.
  • A 30-second version was uploaded onto their Instagram, which has seen 1,048 views
  • A 1 minute and 6 seconds version of the music video which includes additional promotional videos for each product was used as their Facebook cover image and has garnered 200 views so far.

OSIM Gaming Massage Chair

OSIM recently launched their new gaming massage chair, a chair meant to provide comfort and relaxation to gamers after long hours of being at their desk. This chair comes with four roller functions– press, grip, roll and tap – and even has two built-in bluetooth speakers. This short and concise product video is exactly 1-minute long, making it short enough to capture viewer’s attention before they lose their focus and click away from the video.

Osim’s social media strategy:

  • This video was uploaded onto their Instagram, Facebook and YouTube accounts.
  • The video has gathered 297k views on YouTube, 1.9k views on Facebook and 1.3k views on Instagram

Additionally, OSIM had a 10-second pre-launch video with positive testimonials from various media outlets, which establishes trust and credibility in the product prior to the official launch of the chair. This video has only been uploaded onto Facebook and has gathered 1K views.

Razer Chroma

The Audio Visualiser is one of Razor’s most popular applications, allowing users to sync their Razer Chroma products to adapt to the music that they would like to play. While this was not a new function from Razer, this video introduced the Audio Visualiser to new Razer customers who were previously unaware of this feature.

Razer’s social media strategy:

  • This video was posted on Razer’s Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.
  • Instagram saw 99.2K views, while YouTube saw 42.7K views and Facebook saw 23.3K views.
  • Like the OSIM video, this video was less than a minute long and was short enough to cater to the 1-minute limit for videos being posted on an Instagram feed.

Breadtalk Soy on Tap

In September, Breadtalk launched its flavoured soymilk series, Soy on Tap. The drinks came in 10 different flavours and were the highlight of Breadtalk’s new concept store in Wheelock Place. This social media product video introduced the various flavours that viewers could choose from to drive publicity and hype around the new Soy on Tap. The background music was upbeat and cheerful, matching the vibrant colours of the drink and the ingredients in the video. This was effective in bringing focus to the main soy drink, which stood out as the star of the video.

Breadtalk’s social media strategy:

  • This video was posted on Instagram, which has seen 1K views so far, and Facebook, which has seen 1.1K views.
  • The social media post was also used to promote the 1-for-1 Soy on Tap promotion which was on going till 27th September.

During the last weekend of their 1 for 1 promotion, Breadtalk posted another social media product video to encourage fans to purchase their Soy on Tap drink before the 27th of September. This video featured different talents on screen enjoying their cup of soymilk. Like the previous video, having the talents match their outfit colours to the colours of the drinks in the videos help to bring out the vibrancy of the drink itself.

This video saw 741 views on Facebook and 773 views on Instagram.

Tiger Beer Orchid Brew

For National Day this year, Tiger Beer partnered with Singaporean artist and illustrator Tiffany Lovage to design a can for the limited-edition Tiger Orchid Brew. This is the 2nd year that Tiger has released its Tiger Orchid Brew series, inspired by our national flower, Vanda Miss Joaquim.

This video featured can Tiffany as she shared her inspiration behind the orchid can design. This added a personal touch to the orchid can design as it helped viewers to relate and understand her vision behind this design. Her endorsement of the product also helps to encourage viewers to purchase this special drink.

Tiger’s social media strategy:

  • This video was posted Instagram, which has garnered 516 views, and Facebook, which has garnered 1.2K views.
  • This video was a part of a larger campaign to promote this special orchid infused lager, which includes a series of more short, animated videos to drive brand awareness and product sales for the beer.

Bee Cheng Hiang

Bee Cheng Hiang’s latest product, the applewood sliced pork, is a bakkwa made from premium pork hind leg which has been smoked for 2 hours with applewood imported from the USA. This bakkwa was launched in time for customers to enjoy as a Christmas feast with their families. 

In this video, Bee Cheng Hiang featured Mediacorp artist Michelle Wong, who wonders what she should get for her parents this Christmas. Michelle is then delivered a box of Bee Cheng Hiang applewood sliced pork, which she feels is an irresistible gift for her family this holiday season. 

This video adopted a more narrative approach to marketing their product to their audience. This family-centric theme aligns with consumer’s perception of the brand as a family treat loved by all. Engaging Michelle as the main character for this video story also helps to evoke the sense of empathy from the audience. Audiences are more likely to achieve brand recall if they can recognise the talents and their story in your corporate video.

Bee Cheng Hiang’s social media strategy:

  • This video has only been up for a week on their YouTube channel, which has since seen 222 views.
  • A short snippet of the video with a QR code for instant purchase has been uploaded onto Instagram and seen 172 views so far.
  • The video has also been aired as a TV commercial.

Benjamin Barker

Benjamin Barker’s latest line, Soft Collection, features a series of clothes which are sustainable, organic, functional and timeless.

The slow pacing of this video gives viewers enough time to admire the collection items on display, while the tight close-up shots accentuated the fine details and handiwork of each piece of clothing. The overall feel of this video is reminiscent of a high-end luxury brand studio shoot, similar to the product launch videos expected of big brand names like Hermes and Yves Saint Laurent.

Benjamin Barker’s social media strategy:

  • This video has only been posted on YouTube for a bit more than a week, having garnered 22 views.
  • Instead of using this video, Benjamin Barker took professional product photos with for their Instagram feed.

As seen from the examples above, the most commonly used social media platforms for product videos are Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. However, with the rise of new social media platforms like TikTok and WeChat, you can consider tapping into these upcoming platforms which could help your business reach out to a new target audience.

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