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4 Of The Best Fitness Live Streams in 2020

Fitness live streams have been in trend since many businesses had to move online due to Covid-19. With many businesses being unable to resume their regular in-person events soon, fitness studios are likely to continue hosting fitness live streams to supplement the limited in-person events that they can host. 

Read on to find out our picks for the top 4 fitness live streams in 2020, and how you can host similar outstanding fitness live streams.

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Advantages to Hosting Live Streams

Live streams are a cost-effective solution for your business to reach out to your audience. Live streams are cheaper than having to hold a physical event. You can eliminate the cost of renting a physical venue if you choose to have the live stream 100% virtual. Live streams are also potentially cheaper than having to hold small-scaled physical events while adhering to social distancing measures. 

Live streams are also a great way for you to reach out to a wider audience. With events being limited to 50 pax (or 250 pax for MICE events), you could live stream to other people who would be unable to physically attend your event.

We recently wrote an article on the dos and don’ts of live streaming your event.

Our Picks for The Top 4 Fitness Live Streams

#4: PureCast (Pure Yoga)

Photo taken from Pure Yoga.

PureCast is the yoga and group fitness live stream series hosted by Pure Yoga Singapore. With over 220 classes as part of the series, members of Pure Yoga can choose from a wide range of yoga and fitness regimes that they could enjoy from their own home. All live streams were held over Zoom.

Photo taken from Pure Yoga.

While this series offered a variety of classes tailored to different difficulty levels and paces, the livestream was rather simple on the technical side and featured only a single view of the instructor on camera. 

#3: GroundZero SG

Ground Zero SG, a fitness studio in Singapore, held their fitness livestream series via Instagram. 

This social media live stream was hosted on Instagram’s IGTV function which allowed viewers to rewatch the video easily. They also made use of custom graphic overlays to help provide more context for their live stream. 

Photo taken from Ground Zero.

They used a graphic overlay for their waiting screen which introduced the class session and the fitness trainer who was hosting that fitness live stream session.

Graphics like these can be customised to provide context for your fitness live stream session. There are many types of graphic overlays which can be done, including:

  • Lower thirds, which are text overlays. Text overlays can be used to introduce your host or the current segment of your live stream.
  • An exclusive promotion code. Giving your audiences an exclusive promo code for tuning in to your live stream then gives them an incentive to join further fitness live streams you host. They can also be used to direct viewers back to your web shop if you want to increase web traffic.
  • Your brand logo. This helps to reinforce the brand image of your fitness studio.

At Vivid Snaps, we can help you design the graphic overlays that you need. We have a in-house graphic designer who is able to customise the graphics to suit your live streaming needs.

#2: United We Move 

Photo taken from Planet Fitness

United We Move is American fitness studio Planet Fitness’ live stream series. An ongoing series happening at 7pm EST, this live stream is broadcasted across multiple IGTV, Facebook and Youtube.

The live stream series had a mix of on-site live streams and pre-recorded live streams where their trainers conducted the fitness sessions in their studio. By making use of their studio logo and a consistent logo for their fitness live stream, they were able to ensure consistency in their brand message. Furthermore, the colours used in their logo complemented the studio background.

#1: Rogue International 2020

Photo taken from Rouge Fitness.

The 2nd annual Rogue International competition was held entirely online this year. Bringing together 35 cross fit athletes around the world, the team filmed each participant individually while piecing everything to form a single, comprehensive livestream.

Photo taken from Rouge Fitness.

Rogue Fitness used a picture-in-picture style of live streaming to showcase the different participants’ progress as they attempt to complete the cross fit challenge. The footage from each participant was shown side by side onto a customised graphic background. 

Should you need to host your fitness live stream from various locations, our team is capable of doing so. We can provide multiple cameras for multi-location live streamings.

Here is a full list of our live stream capabilities.

Fitness Live Streams Are The Way to Go

With fitness classes still required to operate in small groups, fitness live streams are the way for your fitness business to continue to reach out to a wider audience. You could also partner up with celebrities and influencers to host live streams. That way, your live stream can attract a bigger pool of viewers who could potentially subscribe to your fitness service. 

Most fitness live streams are shot with a single camera. One way that you make your fitness live stream stand out from the crowd is by making use of 2 cameras to film the live stream. That way, you can offer a variety of shots to give your audience a different view of your fitness instructor. This can also help give them a better understanding of the exercises that the instructor is doing.

Another way is to make the live streams exclusive for your members. This is where you would want to have a professional live stream provider to help you manage your live stream to make it as free from disruptions as possible.

You can also make use of various live streaming tactics, like using a green screen backdrop or making use of multiple cameras to show different angles of the live stream. 

Engage a Professional Live Stream Service Provider 

At Vivid Snaps, our passionate live streaming technical crew is constantly looking for ways to expand our portfolio and technical efficacy. Our team is ready to offer professional live streaming services for your next fitness live stream.

If you would like to engage a professional live streaming service provider, drop our project coordinators a message today and we will get back to you.

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