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4 Reasons Why Hybrid Events Are Sticking Around Even After Live Events Return

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the way businesses conduct trade conferences and manage live events. Congested physical event venues brimming with attendees hoping to catch the latest announcements and product releases may be a thing of the past, as social distancing and restricted capacities become the norm. 

4 Reasons Why Hybrid Events Are Sticking Around Even After Live Events Return

Even with the gradual lifting of COVID restrictions and the return of in-person live events in Singapore, the infectious nature of the virus and its new variants has made hosting a physical event a challenge. To combat this issue, many businesses are now opting to host a hybrid event in Singapore – a combination of a “live” in-person event with a live streaming component – instead. 

With the Omnicron variant remaining a priority concern for many Singaporeans, we believe such hybrid events are poised to be a popular choice for many event organisers for the foreseeable future. Many participants will likely opt to attend an event virtually because of health and safety concerns. Let us further explore why we believe this event format is here to stay.

1. Going virtual offers everyone a safer option

hybrid event organizer in singapore

The truth is COVID-19 is not a virus we can eradicate immediately. There are even discussions regarding whether we should treat this as an endemic. These signs indicate that organisers need to factor COVID-19 as part of any events they are planning long-term. 

By opting for a hybrid event, organisers have greater flexibility to change things on the fly while ensuring their events remain on track. There is less risk of the event getting derailed due to a sudden change in the COVID situation. Additionally, attendees can have peace of mind knowing that they have an option to attend the event virtually, minimising their exposure to a large crowd.

2. Reach a wider audience

wider audience for a live streaming in singapore

Live streaming events allow organisers to reach exponentially bigger audiences. Gone are the days when attendees are required to travel a great distance or overseas to participate in a compulsory work conference. By providing participants with a virtual option, they can conveniently attend the event with a click of a button. 

Furthermore, a hybrid event that incorporates live streaming services provides organisers with an opportunity to invite speakers from around the world to speak at their conference. With modern streaming equipment, organisers can bring experts in remotely to a physical event while maintaining a stable and high-quality stream. Having an esteemed speaker attending the event can potentially attract more participants who are eager to hear what the guest has to say.

3. Reduce cost

cost efficient hybrid events

Fewer in-person attendees mean organisers can save on setup costs. Naturally, event organisers have to incorporate live streaming elements and virtual solutions into their hybrid events, but these expenses are often cheaper compared to renting out a large venue to accommodate a significant amount of in-person participants. 

This reduced expense is significant, especially in a post-COVID world where many businesses are looking to cut costs, which means event organisers have a smaller budget to work with. Nevertheless, many are still expected to drive more impact and greater return on investment (ROI) despite the lower budget. By combining affordability with a broader audience reach, event teams are able to meet expectations while ensuring everything is within budget. 

4. Gain data-driven insights

data driven insights hybrid event singapore

It can be a challenge for organisers to gauge the success of their planned events. But by partnering with the right platform, organisers can gather valuable and actionable insights from their hybrid events in Singapore, which they can use to improve future events. 

These platforms can help organisers track various metrics and dimensions in real-time, providing them with a way to measure participants’ reactions and engagement in a way that might not be fully possible in a purely physical event.

This allows organisers to have a more comprehensive breakdown of the various exhibitor offerings and better understand which offerings are a hit with participants. Such vital information will allow organisers to deliver an event that can yield a more robust engagement rate and better ROI. 

At Vivid Snaps, we can help businesses take advantage of the live streaming trend to broadcast their message to a broad audience. We understand every client has different needs, and there is no one solution that fits all. As such, we offer multiple live streaming options that can be tailored to suit every budget and need. Do not hesitate to contact us for a price quotation today!

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