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Types of Event Videos You Need For Your Business

Event videography, they help you bring across an idea or message so effortlessly and effectively. But there are so many types of event videos out there. You have got to find one that suits the objective of your business or event. To help you, we have compiled a list of the different types of event videos you can consider for your next event!

According to a Forbes Insights study, 65% of the business executives surveyed said that they would visit a company’s website, after viewing a video.

Promotional Video (Event Teaser Video)

A promotional video helps generate hype and anticipation before your event. It’s a great way to get people talking about your event. A great promotional video requires a stunning idea behind it! There are so many ways you could go about this. You could either keep things simple and create a short trailer by using videos from your previous events. Alternatively, if its an event that has many different activities and booths, you could hire hosts to do a “YouTube Style” video where they will go around trying out the different booths and showing the audience what’s there to explore at your event. If all those ideas are not extravagant enough for you then you could potentially create a music video or even a comedy skit to promote your event. The budget for creating a music video would definitely be higher but splurging on a good promotional video could really determine the success of the event because it can help boost your events turnout rates. 

Conference opening video (corporate company video)

Most events start out with a welcome address from the guest of honor or CEO of the company but most of the time it can get pretty draggy and if I were to put it bluntly, well it can get really boring. Instead of having a long draggy speech, why not have a shorter, more to the point speech and end off the speech with an informative video that helps to better bring across the main message with the effective use of visuals and audio. By combining the use of both visuals and audio, it can help create an immersive experience for the audience, allowing them to gain a better insight into your company and what it has to offer. Your video can include both interviews from the CEO, employees and also videos of the company and what they do. It can be kind of like behind the scenes to what the company does and what they have achieved over the years. 

Live Streaming

Live streaming services have been on the rise due to its demand and popularity. For larger-scale events where there is a very large venue, it is extremely useful where attendees can log onto the specific facebook pages to view the event live there as well so that they can experience both the atmosphere of the event and have a better view of the event through their smart mobile devices. Alternatively, where it is an international, regional or cross country event, individuals who might not be able to fly down to attend the event in real life will still be able to enjoy the event through the Facebook live stream. 

Video Highlight reel

Video highlight reels would probably be the most common type of event videography. Depending on the scale of the event, there might be one to two event videographers that will capture the highlights or different vibes and moments of the event and they will compile it into a video. Interviews of the attendees, CEO, or specific people can also be added to increase the emotional impact of the video. Everyone loves hearing stories, so it will definitely help to pull at the heartstrings of your audience. The video highlight reel has a duo purpose it can be a promotional video and at the same time it can double up as a portfolio video. It’s multi-purpose makes it a very popular choice amongst event organizers. In my opinion, an event video highlight reel definitely a must-have for every event. It captures the highlights and the best parts of the event, so you’ll never forget about it. As the common saying goes “does it even happen, if it isn’t captured on video?” 


I can’t help but stress the importance of having a video as either part of your marketing campaign for your event or event as a part of your event itself. Videos are really a fantastic way to engage your audience as it creates an immersive experience for them allowing them to easily and effectively get the message that you are getting across to them.

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