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Lifestyle Live Stream Singapore

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Singaporeans lifestyle has changed drastically. From entertainment to shopping or dining, many aspects of our lives have been digitalised. Lifestyle live stream is the perfect way for businesses to remain relevant and stay connected to their audiences.

Read on to find out more about lifestyle live streams in Singapore.

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What is Lifestyle Live Stream?

Lifestyle live stream emcompasses a wide variety, as long as it is part of our lifestyle. For example, from shopping, entertainment, fitness to food and beverage.

E-Commerce Live Streams

The demand for online shopping went through the roof during the circuit breaker period. E-Commerce is no doubt one of the best sector to venture into. Lazada and Shopee are two prime examples of using live streams for e-commerce.

Credits :
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Learn more about E-commerce live stream in Singapore.

Entertainment Live Streams

During the time where everyone was cooped up at home, entertainment is one important way to keep people happy. Studio filming was unfeasible due to the safety distancing measures in place, thus pre-recorded or live stream shows were produced and became well-liked by the audience.

Credits : Jack Neo Show Off Show
Lifeguide National Day Sing-A-Long
Shopee K-POP Fest

Cooking Show Live Streams

Cooking live streams are a fantastic alternative to the usual recipe videos that are uploaded to YouTube and social media. In addition, live interaction such as comments and Q&A keeps the audience interested. E-commerce or product placement can also be included.

Singapore Food Festival Online

Press Conference Live Streams

Lancôme has announced the launch of its first Advanced Génifique #LiveYourStrength virtual flagship store, exclusive to Singapore. The press conference was done via live stream and was a huge success.

Lancôme Virtual Flagship Press Conference

Social Media Live Streams

Live streaming helps generate active viewer engagement. Many social media platforms favour live content. For instance, Instagram notifies your followers when you go live, which increase the chances of followers joining.

Green Screen Production Videography Singapore
Lifeguide Tarot Reading

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