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Virtual Awards Ceremony In Singapore

Yet again, COVID-19’s disruption to the events industry has brought about many unforeseen circumstances. With everything done remotely and travel being restricted, hosting virtual events has become the new order of things.

Read on to view samples of how other organisations have held their virtual awards ceremonies.

What is a Virtual Awards Ceremony?

In simple terms, a virtual award ceremony is an awards event that is attended by someone digitally, using an electronic device.

Virtual Awards Ceremony Production Company

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The Big Brands Doing It

Big brands have turned to virtual events to upkeep their relevance and corporate companies are forced to rethink how to maintain relationships with their customers and colleagues. These brands have since turned to innovative solutions for connecting with their audiences through virtual means.

In recent times, many brands have quickly pivoted to accommodate the idea of virtual award ceremonies. For instance, Forbes Asia held its Best Under A Billion Virtual Forum and Awards Ceremony.

Two panels of leading CEOs shared their experiences throughout the pandemic. This was then followed by a virtual award ceremony dedicated to the winning members from the Forbes list.

Screenshot taken from Forbes.

Forbes shared that this virtual awards ceremony was hosted as a webinar. If you are considering to host a webinar, we previously shared 6 effective ways that you can promote your webinar.

How Are Companies Doing Their Virtual Awards Ceremonies?

Changi Airport Group Virtual Annual Awards Celebration 2020

Recently, we filmed Changi Airport Group’s Annual Awards Ceremony, where they recognised the awardees through a virtual awards ceremony. Instead of the usual face to face celebration, the audience was greeted by a virtual video, which was aired on YouTube Live. In the virtual video, the awardees were only visited by the emcees and the airport’s managing director, Jayson Goh, to grant them with their award.

Video Filmed & Edited by Vivid Snaps.

Currently, we noticed that social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook Live are a popular platform for many brands to host their public virtual event. If you would like to host a closed-door internal awards ceremony, consider using a platform like Zoom or Cisco Webex which require participant registration prior to the live stream.

Read more about the various live streaming platforms that you can consider choosing from.

Awards Ceremony Motion Graphic Video

Other than featuring your awardees in a video production, you can create a motion graphic video to honour your awardees. This can take the form of featuring their company logos with motion graphics, and finished with a voice-over. Our team at Vivid Snaps can help you with motion graphic video creation.

Virtual Graduation Ceremony by SIM

Graduation ceremonies have also been taken online. In the following example, we see a virtual graduation ceremony by SIM – University of Wollongong and hosted on YouTube.

Video From SIM YouTube Channel.

Based on what we observed, the virtual awards ceremony combines pre-recorded and live filming. The video featured the following segments:

  • Opening by Emcee, using live green screen filming
  • Graduation booklet via a QR code
  • Welcome address by President, pre-recorded
  • Occasional address by special guest, using green screen filming
  • Playback of corporate video by special guest
  • Graduation speech by Chancellor, pre-recorded
  • Name list of graduands
  • Featured distinction graduands
  • Special award winners
  • Speech by graduate representative, pre-recorded
  • Recognition of live viewers who sent well wishes
  • Congratulatory speech by Head of School & lecturers, pre-recorded
  • QR Code for virtual photo booth by
  • End screen graphics

And throughout the live stream, each segments are transitioned by the emcee who is hosting the live virtual event.

EdgeProp Virtual Awards Ceremony 2020

Virtual Awards Ceremony Video from EdgeProp YouTube Channel.

EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2020

Virtual Awards Ceremony Website
Virtual Awards Ceremony Website from EY

Instead of hosting an hour-long live stream like many other virtual awards ceremonies we have seen, EY hosted a dedicated webpage. A very concise approach to honouring the awards winners.

Entrepreneur Of The Year is a hugely celebrated annual awards event, graced by high profile directors companies with a local presence. While this year’s virtual ceremony did not have the grandeur of what was hosted annually at The Ritz-Carlton, it certainly honoured the winners just as well.

Why Should You Host a Virtual Award Ceremony?

1. Social Distancing

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the option of holding a Virtual Awards Ceremony is something you may want to consider especially if your events have been called off or even postponed.

Your attendees will not have to worry about complying to the social distancing measures as your event will be completely virtual.

2. Virtual Award Ceremonies Are flexible

Arranging for a Virtual Award Ceremony will give you the flexibility on how you would like to broadcast your event. You are given the choice on whether you would like to have different language options or even an interactive event.

3. Virtual Award Ceremonies Can Be Attended Anywhere

Be it attendees or speakers, they can simply access your virtual event in the comfort of their own home or at their workplace.

Furthermore, in the event any of your attendees are not able to make it for your event physically, virtual events do not require in-person attendance, making it more convenient and hassle-free.

4. Virtual Award Ceremonies Are Cost-effective

You can reduce your event cost significantly. You will not require to set aside money for accommodation for your attendees or staff.

On top of that, the cost of setting up and tearing down for your virtual award ceremony will not require as much cost in comparison to a physical event.

5. It is Important to Reward Your Colleagues

Most people spend their time working from home. There is no better way than to celebrate achievements amidst the pandemic than having a virtual award ceremony to celebrate your company’s successes. This may help boost your workers’ morale. Furthermore, giving them greater motivation to work harder for the new year.

Virtual Event Group Photo

Virtual Event Group Photo by Vivid Snaps.

It is also possible to gather for a virtual group photo at the end of your event. And we have seen this at formal meetings and many virtual events.

Filming & Live Streaming Studio

Green Screen Studio Singapore
Our green screen video production studio

We have an in-house green screen studio reserved exclusively for our clients who engage our video production and live streaming services. This allows us to provide high availability of the studio space when you need it. You can use this studio for Pre-recorded Live Stream, where segments of your Awards Ceremony Live Streaming is pre-recorded.

Remote Video Production

Remote Video Production Singapore
A remote video production combining studio filming & remote filming

With the uncertainty surrounding the re-opening of our society, it is prudent to make alternative plans for physical physical filming and video production. As such, our team can assist you with Remote Video Production, where a discussion or presentation can be conducted virtually and anywhere around the globe. This can be juxtaposed with a physical production.

Need Help with Your Virtual Awards Ceremony?

Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo
Group photo of our video production & live streaming team

At Vivid Snaps, our experienced and dedicated live streaming technical crew is experienced in providing professional services for your virtual events like Virtual Awards Ceremony. Our friendly and dedicated project coordinators are ready to assist you with your event requirements.

Feel free to leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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