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Staff Appreciation Event in Singapore

Prior to 2020, we have never imagined a staff appreciation event in Singapore to take the form of a virtual event. The pandemic has allowed us to reimagine how an employee appreciation event can be executed. This article covers some of the most interesting virtual employee appreciation events we have executed for our clients.

Staff Appreciation Virtual Event

Employee Appreciation Virtual Event in Singapore
Screenshot of a staff appreciation virtual event in Singapore

In the above reference, our live streaming production team assisted our client to execute a fully virtual staff appreciation event from within our green screen studio.

Instead of scratching your heads and sourcing endlessly for online engagement tools, try going back to basics and think about the human factor. Engaging your staff during your appreciation event can be simple, you can have the emcee to monitor the chat and constantly providing responses to your staff. And ask plenty of questions to seek responses to keep them engaged.

Moreover, you can also run lucky draws and quizzes with attractive prizes in between each segment of your virtual event. That is sure to keep your audience fixated for the duration of your appreciation virtual event!

Employee Appreciation Pre-recorded Virtual Event

Employee Appreciation Event Singapore
Screenshot of an employee appreciation virtual event in Singapore

An employee appreciation virtual event will usually consist of pre-recorded segments, and combined with a live emcee to hype up your crowd and provide live interaction.

In this reference that is also showcased on our Virtual Awards Ceremony Event article, the employee appreciation virtual event was pre-recorded and edited before the event. Our client’s management team, personally visited the homes of the award winning employees to present their award. And our video production crew filmed the pre-recorded segments around many locations within Singapore.

In the pre-recorded videos, our post-production team also combined existing video contents, to provide even more context to the employee’s day-to-day roles.

Employee Appreciation Event Group Photo

Staff Appreciation Virtual Event Group Photo
Reference of a group photo taken at a virtual event

One of the things we missed the most was being able to capture a group photo at the end of an event. The jubilant spirit of people coming together for a joyous occasion is now reignited with a virtual group photo.

In this virtual group photo reference, you will see most of the participants putting on a customised virtual event background. A group photo taking session is usually most feasible when the virtual event is hosted on Zoom Meetings. Where participants can turn on their cameras, allowing our crew to capture their faces.

To learn more about hosting your virtual event on Zoom, read our Zoom Virtual Event article for some tips.

Staff Appreciation Photography

Staff Appreciation Award Photographer Singapore
Reference of employee appreciation photo taking

In recognising the good works of your staff, our photographers help clients to capture corporate portraits for corporate newsletter and posters. In this reference, we feature corporate portrait photography taken outdoors around our client’s premises.

Staff Appreciation Photo Montage Video

Staff Appreciation Photo Montage Video Production
Screenshot of a staff appreciation photo montage video

A photo montage video is another option to honour your best performing team members. Professional portrait photos can be taken, then merged with thematic motion graphics to create a grand photo montage.

Staff appreciation photo montage video are best coupled with names, department name and the name of his or her award.

Staff Appreciation Sing-a-long Music Video Production

Staff Appreciation Virtual Event Singalong Music Video Production
Reference of a sing-a-long music video production

As part of our corporate video production portfolio, we help our organisational clients create many internal videos for staff appreciation, employee engagement and celebratory event. And one of the most entertaining are sing-a-long music videos, featuring the voices of each and every team members who make the company.

In this above sample, the singing was coordinated and recorded by individual team members. And the hundreds of footage were then processed by our post-production team, spending countless hours to sync and stitch into a music video montage.

Staff Appreciation Guest-of-Honour Speech Filming

Guest of Honour Speech Filming Production
Reference screenshot of a minister speech filming

At many staff appreciation event, a welcome and congratulatory speech by the guest-of-honour marks the commencement of the event. That is no exception for your virtual event, but it takes a different form. To provide the best possible experience and video quality, an opening speech can be pre-recorded.

In this reference, the opening speech was filmed using a green screen. Thus allowing the background to be replaced with a customised virtual background.

Green screen video filming can be done at your office location to accommodate the busy schedule of your guest-of-honour. Or it can be done at our green screen studio.

Filming & Live Streaming From Our Green Screen Studio

Green Screen Studio Singapore
Reference photo of our green screen studio located at Kallang Place

We house a small but versatile studio space within our office. Our studio space is reserved exclusively for you, our clients, allowing us to provide high availability. Saving you the hassle of coordinating a video production vendor and a separate studio location.

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