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8 Ways to Host a Successful Webinar

Conducting a successful webinar is not rocket science. That being said, there are still a few things you need to do to ensure its success.

Here is a list of 8 things you can do for your webinar to leave a lasting, positive impression.

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What is a Webinar?

A webinar is an online seminar that anyone with the necessary platform can join. It can include the presenter speaking, slideshows and other visual elements.

Why You Should Use Webinars

Convenience seems to be a popular response as to why people host and attend webinars. With the flexibility in location, guests all over the world are able to join the session. This will certainly result in a higher turnout as compared to a physical seminar or conference.

Content presented in webinars can be stored and distributed in a variety of other formats. Therefore, even if people miss the live version of your webinar, they have the chance to view the recorded version.

What Platforms Can You Use?

There are countless webinar platforms available to choose from today. It might get confusing having to select from a slew of choices. However, each platform has its unique pros and cons. It is important that you take the time to evaluate which is most suitable for your needs. We have written articles featuring three webinar platforms, namely: Google Hangouts Meet, Demio and Zoom. These are a few of the platforms we support as a professional webinar service providers.

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8 Tips To Ensure a Successful Webinar Session

Now that you have a better understanding of how webinars work, it’s time to find out how to host a successful webinar.

Here are 8 key tips we have gathered:

1) Select a relevant topic

This is arguably the most important step. Even if you do all the other steps right, if people are not interested in a topic, they will be unlikely to participate. Although it may seem as though this is something you have no control over, you can increase the relevance of your topic by factoring in trending topics or current affairs.

2) Make it convenient to sign up for

If your sign up process is complicated, people might not persevere through all the steps required to join your webinar. Having a simple and convenient sign up process can do wonders for the attendance of your webinar.

Think about this: if it is easy to join your webinar, people are more likely to join first, then decide if it is worth staying for after. This can increase your turnover rate.

3) Practice before the session

Practicing before the actual webinar might sound obvious. But what do we really mean by practice?

  1. Prepare your speaker. During a webinar, the speaker is the face of the organisation. Ensure that the speaker is able to clearly express the intended topic and has a firm grasp of the main message.
  2. Conduct test rounds. Dry runs allow you to identify potential problems that may arise, paving the way for troubleshooting.

4) Have a distinct sign-up page

You might be wondering if there’s a difference between a distinct sign-up page, and one that is easy to navigate. Although these two factors work hand in hand, they can be seen as different points.

Your sign-up page can also be a useful tool to promote brand identity. By this, we mean aligning all visuals with your brand’s image. This includes strategic insertion of logo, fonts and colours.

5) Engage a Professional

A surefire way to conduct a successful webinar is to engage a professional. Professional webinar service providers have both the experience and technical expertise to guide you throughout the process. Working with a professional, especially for important webinars, will definitely put you at ease.

6) Summarise talking points in the beginning

People want to know what to expect. Breaking down the different talking points will allow viewers to easily follow through your session.

7) Finish with a Q&A

Although attendees will likely have questions to ask at the end, it would be wise to come up with a list of answers to potential questions. This gives your viewers time to gather their thoughts and will prevent the awkward silence that might come after you ask if the viewers have any questions.

8) Follow up with your attendees afterwards

Following up with viewers after the webinar not only show them that you care, it also gives you an opportunity to explain any misunderstandings they might have of your organisation.

Host a Successful Webinar Today

Creating a webinar requires a lot of planning and coordination. However, you don’t have to do it all by yourself. If you have any webinar or live stream enquiries, feel free to contact our project coordinators, who will be happy to help.

If you utilise the tips featured in this article, we believe you will be well on your way to creating a successful webinar.

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