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Corporate Holiday Greeting Video

A corporate holiday greeting video is the perfect way for you to reach out to your clients and stakeholders during the holiday season. Personalised greeting videos are a strategic PR tactic to form an intimate connection with your audiences during this festive season.

Read on to find out more about the 5 types of corporate holiday greeting videos that you can consider producing for your next greeting video.

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Why Film a Corporate Holiday Greeting Video?

Establish a personal connection with your clients and stakeholders.

Festive greeting videos are all about the genuine well-wishes for the festive season. The holiday season also presents the opportunity for you to reach out to dormant customers to show that you still care about them.

Showcase your brand personality.

Holiday greeting videos do not have to be dull and boring. Instead of the usual corporate videos that your organization is used to, consider conceptualising a more creative concept for your greeting video that personifies your brand values and mission. 

Stand out from your competitors.

Currently, not many businesses out there are filming a personalised greeting video for the holidays. We highly recommend that you film a greeting video now to form an intimate connection with your clients before greeting videos become a popular medium.

Alternative to Holiday Gift Hampers

Although gift hampers are a trendy holiday gift idea, hamper delivery does come at a cost. Additionally, with people working from home in the past few months, hamper delivery for the holiday season might have limited effectiveness. 

We recommend filming a personalised festive greeting video in place of the traditional hamper for your clients.

Types of Corporate Holiday Greeting Videos

Holiday greeting videos can come in different forms. Here are 5 types of holiday greeting videos that you can consider filming.

WhatsApp Greeting Video

A 30-second greeting video is the most suitable of sending to your clients via WhatsApp or email. This short and sweet video is a more intimate medium of sending out your holiday wishes for the festive season. 

We recommend that you film your WhatsApp greeting video in portrait mode to provide the best viewing experience for your clients watching the video on their mobile phone.

Video by Vivid Snaps

If you would like to film your WhatsApp greeting with us, we can provide a green screen backdrop for your video production. This would allow us to add in a unique virtual backdrop during the video editing stage, which can be used to promote your organisation’s branding.

For green screen filming, we can provide 2 options:

  • Filming at your office location.
  • Filming at our office location.

We provide complimentary usage of our office studio for clients who engage in our video production services. 

Employee Feature Greeting Video

Employee feature videos are a common PR strategy by organisations to humanise their brand image. By putting a face to your company, you are allowing viewers to establish a personal connection with the employees. You can consider having your employees give their holiday greeting on behalf of the company. 

Video taken from Banc De Binary.

“Thank You” Greeting Video

Sometimes, all you need is a classic thank you video to express your gratitude to the clients who have supported your business for the past year. 

Video taken from HHS Youtube.

In this video by HHS, we noticed that there were lower-thirds, which are graphic overlays, to introduce the different departments. If required, our in-house graphic designer can design eye-catching lower-thirds and other motion graphics to add a professional touch to your corporate video.

Year-in-Review Greeting Video

If your corporate holiday video is for the Christmas or New Years Day holidays, consider shooting a year-in-review greeting video that shares the key milestones of your company in the past year. 

Video taken from WWF Australia.

For a non-governmental organisation like the World Wide Fund for Nature Australia, 2020 was an exceptionally difficult year to support their cause of wildlife conservation. This year-in-review video captures the key programmes that the organisation rolled out to battle the aftermaths of the massive Australian fires in January.

Social Media Holiday Greeting Video

You can also consider uploading your greeting videos onto your social media channels like YouTube and Linkedin. 

When shooting videos for social media, we advise that you produce your video according to the social media platform requirements. For instance, videos meant for YouTube should be shot in landscape mode for the best viewing quality available. 

We recently wrote about 7 different types of social media platforms that you can consider using for your corporate video.

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At Vivid Snaps, corporate holiday greeting videos are just one of the many types of professional corporate videography services that we offer to our clients. Our team of dedicated videographers are ready to help you get started filming your next greeting video. 

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