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Fashion Accessories Videos in Singapore

The fashion industry depends strongly on marketing strategies to generate sales and presence in the market, and every good strategy makes use of videos as a form of content to gain impressions. In this article, we will be looking at fashion accessories videos in Singapore.

We have talked about fashion video production in Singapore in a previous article. Through that, we understood how these videos can affect the viewer’s spending decisions.

We will discover some local fashion accessories videos, and give our thoughts on the overall execution of these videos.

Read on to learn more.

The Purpose of Fashion Accessories Videos in Singapore

Social media platforms can be well utilised to post brand videos, which can help attract more customers. These can be in the form of a feature video, video tutorials, or even interviews.

Through these methods, viewers can relate themselves to the brands’ identity or purpose. This can lead to brands forming a more positive brand image for themselves.

Let us take a look at a list of fashion accessories videos in Singapore.

List of Fashion Accessories Videos in Singapore


Screenshot from A KIND OOOF Facebook

A KIND OOOF is a jewellery brand that first retailed handcrafted 925 Silver pieces in Singapore 2 years ago. The brand celebrates individuality, aiming to build a community of like-minded individuals to encourage one another to be their true selves.

In this social media video posted on their Facebook page, there is a unique way of production. The aspect ratio of the video is in a 1 by 1 format.

The shots and footage in the video are interesting, making use of the lens focus to constantly shift from blurred shots to shots in focus. The camera movement is fast and almost hard to keep up with as the editing of the video has lots of quick cuts.

The music compliments the shots within the video as it has a quick tempo and is upbeat. The video seems to convey the message that each day passes quickly, just like the pace of the video.

Through the text that appears in the center of the video, they manage to communicate with the viewers the message of appreciating the little things every day which is meant to represent their jewellery.

By Invite Only

Screenshot from By Invite Only Facebook

By Invite Only is a jewellery brand based in Singapore. Founded in 2009, By Invite Only believes that jewellery is more than just pretty, shiny trinkets. Jewellery is about strengthening one’s identity and confidence, looking and feeling like the best version one can be.

In this social media video that is made in a vertical format to accommodate smartphone users, there is no compromise in quality. The video is well-produced, with delicate shots focusing on the earrings and necklaces the model is wearing.

The shots are smooth, and by using a tighter lens we only see the model, who is in main focus, in the shot. There is a good use of props such as the leaves and flowers, off-focus in the foreground that helps to add to the atmosphere.

There is a good choice of music as well, rather melancholic and fits the overall theme and pace of the video.

Carrie K.

Screenshot from Carrie K. Facebook

Founded in 2009, Carrie K. was started as the founder of the brand took on a month-long internship with a silversmith in Florence, Italy. She knew then that she wanted to be a silversmith and jewellery designer. Today, the brand aims to create meaningful and versatile jewellery that brings personal stories to life.

In this simple video posted on their Facebook page, we see a woman demonstrating to their viewers how to properly use their products. The necklaces feature their very own mechanism that allows the customisation of these necklaces.

Although just a simple tutorial video, it is well-produced and is a good tactic for other companies to learn from as they aim to connect with their consumers.


Video from CHARLES & KEITH YouTube

Founded in 1996, Charles & Keith is a Singapore fast-fashion retailer. It now has a global reach across Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Africa. They have the vision to empower women to freely express themselves through fashion.

In this video that features their handbags, we see a woman coming into the frame from the right and leaving the frame to the left. This keeps repeating, as she takes one handbag after another that keeps appearing on the counter.

This concept is part of their series of videos called Style Edit. By using the same concept, they show styles and outfits that fit various bag designs they have to offer.

This is a great way of showing their range of products, as it shows that their products are versatile. Hence, showing they have a product perfect for any season or occasion.

Curious Creatures

Screenshot from Curious Creatures Facebook

Curious Creatures is a jewellery brand aiming to inspire their customers and vice versa. Designed for women drawn to the idea of standing out from the masses without following trends. Ultimately, they strive to design jewellery for every occasion and life moment, big and small.

In this video posted on their Facebook page, it features their new letter-coded jewellery. The video is slightly desaturated and given a vintage or film look. The shots are handheld, with good use of props in the foreground that gives the composition more depth.

There is also the use of a time-lapse shot, which had 2 of the models walking by in the background while one of them sits in the middle, which was creative. The narration explained to the viewers what this collection is about, and allows the reader to understand and follow along better. At the start of the video, there was also the use of a film roll sound effect, which adds to the film vibe.

Desti Saint

Screenshot from Desti Saint Handbags Facebook

Desti Saint was originally formed to showcase the founder’s original and contemporary designs. Practical and affordable elegance are the hallmarks of her designs. The brand is aimed at stylish and self-confident women of all ages around the world.

They showcase their reversible shopper handbag in the video, which can be reversed to sport a different colour. The video has simple shots, but the video has great editing to keep it relevant.

Collages were used throughout, bringing about a creative flare. The editing is smooth and fast-paced, just like the music used in this video. They made use of pink-tinted flare effects to bring keep the video interesting as well.

Forbidden Hill

Screenshot from Forbidden Hill Facebook

Truly Singaporean, Forbidden Hill is born of the spirit of Ancient Singapore with a multicultural signature. Their creations draw from the rich visual tapestry of South East Asia, and not only have a story to tell. Combining traditional craftsmanship with innovative techniques and materials, they create elegant new forms.

This video features 2 models wearing the brand’s accessories, walking through Singapore. They visit various tourist destinations, notably the Asian Civilisations Museum and Gardens By The Bay. At each location, their outfit changes to fit the location and theme.

Overall, the video has a well-executed creative direction. The music chosen is upbeat and fits the concept well, together with creative shots and the use of natural lighting.

Hat of Cain

Screenshot from Hat of Cain Facebook

Hat of Cain was founded by Canadian Bill Cain, and based in Singapore. They specialise in Panama hats, it goes back to the 16th century when it was considered a cottage industry within the coastal communities of Ecuador.

In this video, Bill Cain narrates and explains the reason why he had started this business after his retirement. The shots in the video showcase a typical day at work for Bill.

The colour grading is done on the warmer side, giving a sense of comfort and warmth. The aspect ratio paired with the low aperture lens gives it a cinematic feel as well, which is well-achieved.


Screenshot from HYPERGRAND Facebook

HYPERGRAND believes that their watches are equivalent to quality watchmaking, industrial design, and urban styling. Founded in 2013, they have been consistently offering a fresh perspective to the watch industry.

This video that they released starts with a bang straight off the bat by the heavy beats of the music. The lighting in this video is dark, which was a bold move, fitting the concept. The movements of the actors are strong and bold as well, paired with the dynamic camera movements.

The video is colour graded with cooler tones, giving the video a mysterious feel. There was a good use of both slow motion and sped-up shots in the video, making the video extremely dynamic.

Our Barehands

Screenshot from Our Barehands Facebook

Our Barehands is a brand that stays true to its name. Established in 2019 and registered as a social enterprise, they create lifestyle pieces that are versatile and skilfully handcrafted by their artisans. Their ultimate goal is to provide their artisans with a sustainable livelihood and a life of dignity.

This video features one of their artisans, mama Samy, who helps craft masks and scrunchies by hand. They show how the accessories are made in the video, together with the reasons and motivations behind why she does it. Although there is nothing spectacular about the video’s production, the idea behind the video is smart and creative.

The video is overall colour graded on a warmer tone as well, which fits the homely vibe and warmth of the video.

Plain Supplies

Screenshot from PLAIN SUPPLIES Facebook

Founded in 2014, Plain Supplies aims to bring thoughtfully designed, high quality products to people at an affordable price tag. The product’s conceptualisation and design carry the idea of modern minimalism.

In this video posted on their Facebook page, we see a man just sitting in a chair, flexing his watch, and barely moving, while the camera framing slowly loosens.

The video is monochromatic as well, adding to the minimalism of the video. The music in the video is upbeat and confident, matching the model’s vibe. The concept of the video just fits the brand’s image overall, having a bit of a classy feel to it as well.

The Ordinary Co.

Screenshot from The Ordinary Co. Facebook

The Ordinary Co. was first launched in 2014. They offer a selection of accessories and believe that jewellery is a necessity and not an after-thought.

In this short video, they showcased their Lunar New Year Collection produced in-lieu of the Lunar New Year. The model simply poses with the accessories she is wearing, but the shots are interesting. The camera was handheld for the close-up shots, and the videographer played with the focus to give it an off-focus effect on one of the shots.

There was a good use of props again, such as the leaves in the foreground and background that give the shot composition more depth.


Screenshot from Zelos Facebook

Zelos is a brand based in Singapore, founded to offer timepieces with cutting-edge designs and quality materials, including bronze and carbon fiber. The founder of Zelos believes that great timepiece designs should not be confined to luxury brands

This video promotes their Helmsman 2 watch, which is a mechanical diving watch. Throughout the video, we go from product shots of the watch to b-rolls of the ocean as inspirational music plays in the background.

The drone shots and underwater shots in the video are extremely gorgeous. When paired with the intricate close-up shots of the watch that looks perfect and pristine, we have a video that is hard to critique. The watch looks luxurious, and when paralleled to the ocean it gives the impression that the watch is capable of diving into such deep waters.

Commercial Video Production in Singapore

Through these video references, we hope that you now have a better understanding of video production in the fashion accessories industry.

Video is a powerful tool and can help to explain your brand’s story or simply showcase new product launches. A well-produced video can help a brand attract more customers and gain more impressions on social media.

Last week, we also explored Corporate Social Media Videos in Singapore and how you can create your brand’s social media video using online resources.

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