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Virtual & Hybrid Event Management Companies in Singapore

Virtual Event Management Companies, are also known as Virtual Event Organisers in Singapore. And in recent months, you may also come across virtual events being described as Digital Event Management.

As the pandemic continues to plague Singapore, people are advised to stay indoors amidst safe distancing measures. A virtual and hybrid event will have to replace physical events as we fight against the virus. 

These circumstances have forced event management companies to change and adapt. Event management companies leveraged their expertise in physical event management, and pivoted to focus on virtual and hybrid events.

Event management companies understand the objective and flow of your events, always striving to provide your event guests the best possible experience, even virtually.

In this article, we will be compiling a list of virtual and hybrid event management companies in Singapore. We will also feature a short introduction of some prominent event management companies and virtual event organisers. Giving you a good overview of the the professional event services that they offer. 

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Why Engage An Event Management Company? 

Virtual events often utilise online meeting platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. We have written articles on both Zoom webinars and Microsoft Teams webinars where we break it down for you. Read our articles to learn more about the specific platforms.

You may be familiar with Zoom and Microsoft Teams, some of the more popular online meeting platforms. However, there are a lot of other platforms in Singapore that are designed solely for event live streaming. We have an article showcasing the other virtual event platforms in Singapore, so definitely give it a read too.

Running a successful virtual or hybrid event requires a lot of attention into the smaller details. Hence, we share some reasons why you should engage an event management company.

Event management companies that specialise in virtual or hybrid events are often proficient with the operation of virtual event platforms. They also handle the planning, scheduling, conceptualisation, and logistics of your event. They also work with live streaming partners like ourselves to actualise their event concepts.

A live streaming production team can help you to ensure good video quality with minimal latency issues at your virtual event live stream. The use of professional software also means your event live stream can come with custom branded overlays and animations.

List Of Virtual And Hybrid Event Management Companies In Singapore

Company NameEstablished Since
Cgangs International Pte Ltd2016
C.G.E. Pte. Ltd.2010
Dorier Asia Pte. Ltd.2010
Encore Productions2016
FIRST Global Events Agency1996
Hydse Pte Ltd2014
Jack Morton Worldwide1939, 2011 in Singapore
JNR Entertainment Pte Ltd2013
Macro Events Pte Ltd1997
Multiverse Productions2016
Pico Global Services Ltd2004
RED Events Pte Ltd2009
Riviera Events2005
That’s Innovative Pte Ltd1999
The Events Artery2006
The Live Group Pte Ltd2000
The M Makers2020
The MICE Studio2016
Twist Media Pte. Ltd.2014
Unearthed Productions Private Ltd2012
YSNC Productions Pte Ltd2018

Vivid Snaps Live Streaming Services

Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo
Corporate Photo Shoot of the Vivid Snaps team

Any virtual and hybrid event requires a professional live streaming crew. At Vivid Snaps, we have successfully executed many virtual and hybrid events for our clients. With the help of our expert live streaming crew, we help ensure that your event live stream is executed seamlessly.

Vivid Snaps Green Screen Studio

We have recently repurposed our storage area to become a studio, ready for a small scale virtual event. With a backdrop that measures 5 meters wide, we can comfortably fit 2 people into the frame (while maintaining safe-distancing measures).

Best Green Screen Studio
Reference image of a live stream in our green screen studio with 2 on-screen talent

We offer complimentary green screen studio usage for our clients who engage with our professional live streaming services. With the green screen, the hosts can be put into a background of your choosing (e.g. logo and graphics of the company).

With the space our studio offers, we can accommodate more than 1 presenter, who can choose to sit down on a tall chair with a table to get a more professional look. Our professional equipment and staff will ensure that the host and viewers can communicate seamlessly throughout your virtual event.

Hotel Ballroom Live Streaming

Hotel Hybrid Event Singapore
Photo of Vivid Snaps live streaming crew at hotel ballroom for hybrid event

Auditorium Live Streaming

Healthcare Live Streaming in Singapore
Photo of Vivid Snaps team live streaming at auditorium venue

We can live stream from auditorium and office meeting rooms. It is most ideal if the venue comes equipped with LAN points and fast connection to the Internet. The network connection can be checked by doing a site-recce prior to your virtual or hybrid event.

Pre-recorded Video Production

Employee Appreciation Event Singapore
Pre-recorded scenes from an employee awards event

As virtual & hybrid event evolve to be increasingly complex, you will find that having pre-recorded segments for your live stream can be very cost-effective. It reduces the logistics needed on your actual event day while offering higher production quality in most cases.

Remote Video Production Singapore
Pre-recorded interview from an industry conference

Another reason for pre-recording is for filming a remote presenter from a different timezone. In this case, you can arrange for a pre-recorded filming during a time favourable to the remote presenter.

Learn More About Vivid Snaps

If you would like to enquire about our live streaming services, drop us a message via the contact box at the side of the page and we will get back to you.

At Vivid Snaps. we have the experience and capabilities to run small scale events for you. However, you should contact a professional event management company for larger scale with more intricate requirements. And we will introduce many companies in this article.

Virtual Event Management Companies in Singapore

We showcase a list of virtual & hybrid event agencies in Singapore. These event agencies are also commonly referred to as Digital Event Management Agencies.

ALIVE Brand Experience

Virtual & Hybrid Event Organiser in Singapore 2021
Screenshot of the Alive Brand Experience Website

ALIVE Brand Experience an experiential marketing agency based in Singapore with specialised experience in delivering strategy-led, results-driven activation campaigns across Southeast Asia. The team helps brands and corporate clients to run successful virtual & hybrid events in Singapore and across the region.

Cgangs International Pte Ltd

Photo from website

Cgangs International provides virtual and hybrid event production and management services all in one, with a special focus on 3D production. With advanced keying technology and tracking cameras, they are able to create realistic Augmented Reality effects.

They can bring anyone from anywhere in the world into the virtual studio, as long as there is a green screen at the remote location.

Besides just live streaming events, Cgangs specialise in real-time 3D virtual production. In fact, in 2018 they were the first company in Singapore to use Unreal Engine to create Live 3D Augmented Reality with real-time camera tracking systems.

They also have a team of show producers, creatives, and writers that are here to help you plan your content and script for the event. Their crew will ensure that the event is creative and captivates your event attendees.


Screenshot from

Also known as Chameleon Global Events, they are constantly evolving to reinvent the art, science, and technology of events management.

They have invented their own event streaming platform to allow for more immersive branding, clear analytics, and even multi-language support, while also customising your virtual or hybrid event to make sure it is uniquely yours.

They are also able to maintain and recreate face-to-face experiences for their clients using their 3D event spaces. These virtual spaces are specialised and equipped with the tools you need to facilitate meaningful conversations.

One of their more notable projects include DBS Family Day 2019, where they provided services such as marketing collaterals, audiovisual and lighting, decor, emcees, and photography. With DBS as one of their recurring clients and over 600k virtual events completed, they have a good portfolio and clientele.

Chab Pte. Ltd.

Screenshot of Chab Lab’s website

Chab Lab is in the business of ideas. Artists, designers, thinkers and learners, builders and dreamers and overall creatives.

At Chab Lab, the team specialise in sourcing, combining and assembling the best tools to craft your digital experiences for the world, whether your audiences are your employees or the end consumers.

Their mission is to find tomorrow’s innovative and impactful solutions that connect brands to the people who matter most to them, using the perfect mix of emergent technologies, client industry expertise.

With offices at the gates of Europe & Asia, they work across a large range of industries including healthcare, insurance, banking, luxury and food & beverage

Dorier Asia Pte Ltd

Screenshot from

Dorier Asia is a global company with multiple establishments around the world including Switzerland, China, Hong Kong, London, and Japan.

They have a 3D virtual production studio located in Singapore, which is capable of bringing Augmented Reality into your virtual or hybrid events. With a strong portfolio of successful events, they aim to bring your next live event to new levels.

Equipped with talented designers, event planners, technicians, video teams, and onsite technical support crews worldwide, they have it all covered to execute your virtual or hybrid event.

Managing and executing approximately 2,950 events a year and having over a hundred audio and visual partners worldwide, they can bring the services to you and execute your events with confidence.

Encore Productions

Screenshot from

At Encore Productions, they enjoy ensuring that your event looks spectacular and understand the importance of the experience.

For their event management services, they have a comprehensive ‘one-stop service’ for brand experience planning, implementation, and operational needs.

While also specialising in creative marketing, post-production, audio production as well as motion graphics, they have your marketing needs secured.

First Global Events Agency

Screenshot from

First Agency is another global company based in 11 countries around the globe. They have extensive teams of media professionals, such as designers, strategists, technicians, and producers.

Instead of just planning events, they create stories to convey to your audience. From the content to the creatives, digital technology, management and delivery, and analytics, they have it all covered for you.

Hydse Pte Ltd

Screenshot from

Amidst the pandemic, Hydse is one of the companies actively encouraging their customers to shift their events online. On their website, they have included a page explaining the solutions they provide during this period.

They have one-to-many (video conferencing) solutions, where a speaker or panelist can broadcast to a large audience from a safe private space.

They also have services for satellite venues, meaning a hybrid event where attendees are split to separate satellite venues. The speaker will speak from a venue with a small audience, while every other attendee will watch through live streaming.

Jack Morton Worldwide

Screenshot from

Jack Morton is an established company with a global presence. They identify as a global brand experience marketing agency, but also provide virtual and hybrid event services.

Jack Morton identifies themselves as experts in content creation and understands the power of face-to-face experiences. However, not everyone gets to experience it, especially in this pandemic.

They will identify the best formats and platforms to deliver content, based on scale, technology, and audience profiles.

They also believe that no two events should have the same experience. The last thing you should do is broadcast a live event for a virtual audience or vice versa.

JNR Entertainment Pte Ltd

Screenshot of an event from JNR Entertainment Facebook

JNR Entertainment is a local event management company, claiming to be able to create any virtual or hybrid event for you. From conference meetings to e-commerce events, they can plan it for you.

They have also included a step-by-step tutorial of virtual events on their website, from pre-event to during-event to post-event, explaining the process every step of the way for their clients.

Macro Events Pte Ltd

Screenshot from

Macro Events believes in hybrid events as the new step forward in event management.

They provide various services in hybrid event production, from studio screen design and setup to green screen production and exhibition management. As such, they will provide the services you will need for your virtual or hybrid event.


Screenshot from

At MOTHERS & SONS, they provide various hybrid event solutions which include live performances, events with a studio setting, annual general meetings, as well as webinars.

They explain to their clients the difference between virtual and hybrid events, as well as how they can implement such services for their clients.

Multiverse Productions

Screenshot from

Multiverse Productions adopt an “EXPERIENCE-FIRST” strategy to produce all sorts of virtual events in Singapore. They aim to incite viewers’ journey, connecting and engaging them through virtual means.

Their production team specialises in virtual broadcasting, online live streaming programmes, set design, production direction, and content creation, so they have it mostly covered for your virtual or online events.

Pico Global Services Ltd

Screenshot from

Pico is another one of the bigger companies on this list. Their services span 36 cities across the world, with agencies and businesses across Brand Engagement, Digital Enablement, and Experience Design.

With an extensive portfolio of both physical events and virtual and hybrid events, they have the capability and resources to carry out your event successfully.

RED Events Pte Ltd

Screenshot from

RED Events understands the issues that the pandemic has brought to their clients trying to engage with their audiences. Hence, they are providing live and interactive virtual events that can be tailored to suit your exact requirements.

Whether it is a global live event or a local live event, they have the capabilities to execute it.

Riviera Events

Screenshot from

Riviera Events has over 14 years of experience and a reach across various cities in Asia.

They have a dedicated team of professionals that work tirelessly to find innovative and new ways to engage your clients so that when they think of the experience, it brings them to you.

No matter what type of virtual or hybrid event it is be it a conference, exhibition, product launch, or anything of the like, they are here to support you in connecting and engaging with your audience virtually.

That’s Innovative Pte Ltd

Screenshot from

That’s Innovative updated their website to now educate their clients on what virtual or hybrid events can be carried out during this pandemic.

They also help their clients to differentiate hybrid and virtual events, allowing them to choose the right services for their needs.

From conferences to award ceremonies or brand activation events, That’s Innovative wishes to create a successful virtual or hybrid event for you.

The Events Artery

Screenshot of

With 15 years of experience, The Events Artery is an event management agency that helps businesses connect with their audiences through live and virtual experiences.

They have won 20 regional industry awards with their work and are well recognised in the industry. They treasure their clients and wish to befriend them, as part of their company’s attitude and spirit towards work.

The Live Group Pte Ltd

Screenshot from

At The Live Group, they believe that the best and most effective connections are done live. With over 20 years of experience, they have successfully completed over one thousand events.

Their expertise ranges from PR and marketing to corporate events such as conferences, exhibitions, gala dinners, and outdoor carnivals. With an experienced and talented team, they are ready to serve clients worldwide.

The MICE Studio

Screenshot from

The MICE Studio is an event management firm. They have a strong focus on the meetings, incentives, conferences, and events industry.

They have a team of professionals with experience in organising events from formal conferences and meetings to nationwide campaigns and launch ceremonies.

Each virtual event is developed around business objectives, with their immersive technologies combined with skilled expertise to connect people and ideas in a virtual or hybrid event environment.

The M Makers

Creative Virtual & Hybrid Event Agency in Singapore 2021
Screenshot taken from The M Makers Website, Creative Agency for Virtual & Hybrid Events

The M Makers is an integrated digital marketing agency that pushes for winning formulas. They help brands explore all aspects from the digital to physical sphere. Whether it is over the top creative ideas, data driven performance media plans, or organising captivating virtual & hybrid events.

The people at M Makers are a seasoned team of creative & media professionals, conceptualising and executing end-to-end marketing campaigns for brands and corporate clients in Singapore.

Twist Media Pte. Ltd.

Screenshot from

At Twist Media, they believe that event management is all about people. Good people, who deliver what they promise, who know their work, and who care about what they do.

This is why they have a team of experienced corporate event organisers in Singapore whose passion for event management is all-consuming.

No matter the size and or type of event, they will make things matter and make things happen.

Unearthed Productions Private Ltd

Screenshot from

With more than 15 years of experience, Unearthed Productions is proud of its reputation in the industry as a leader and pioneer in the hybrid event space.

Located right in Suntec Singapore, their 42,000 square meter space lends itself to virtual and hybrid events, ensuring that clients have the perfect stage to plan, produce, and stream their event with state-of-the-art technologies.

YSNC Production Pte Ltd

Screenshot of the YSNC Production website

YSNC Productions are a team of professional event organisers with the experience to run physical and virtual events for corporate clients. Their portfolio consists of many multinational technology companies.

How Much Does It Cost To Run A Virtual Event in Singapore?

The cost of running a virtual event varies greatly, depending on the requirements of the event. However, you can expect the overall costs to start from S$20,000 onwards when you engage an event organiser.

How Much Does It Cost To Run A Hybrid Event in Singapore?

A hybrid event will likely involve more logistics and coordination, and having a live location also means venue rental. You can expect the overall costs to start from $30,000 onwards.

Hiring a Video Production & Live Streaming Team

Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo
Composite company group photo of the Vivid Snaps team

Our team at Vivid Snaps are media professionals with expertise in pre-recorded video and live streaming production for virtual & hybrid events. We support event organisers in the media production for virtual events.

We also support corporate clients and brands in pre-recorded video content and live streaming production for small- to mid-scale virtual events. And we provide very cost effective virtual event solutions for corporate customers running smaller scale events.

It is important to note that while we possess strong live streaming capabilities, we are ultimately not an event organiser. A professional event management company will assist you with conceptualisation, planning, creative direction, vendor management and crafting the best experience for your event. If you need end-to-end event management, approaching an event organiser is advised.

Every event is unique. If you need advice on your own event’s requirements and quotes, our project coordinators will be happy to assist you.

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