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Beauty Live Streaming in Singapore

In the past, beauty live streams were simply a marketing tactic to drive sales at discounted prices. Today, with the Covid-19 outbreak forcing many beauty businesses to digitalise, beauty live streaming has moved beyond simple product selling to being a content platform that provides unique experiences and trends.

Read on to find out more about these 4 new Covid-19 trends in beauty live streaming that brands should be aware of.

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What is Beauty Live Streaming?

Beauty live streams have been around since the beginning of the live streaming trend.

At the start, beauty live streams focused on driving sales for cosmetic products by offering irresistible discounts and deals for the end consumer. Cosmetic products were also a big hit amongst many e-commerce live streaming viewers who were drawn to this exciting way to purchase such fast-moving consumer goods. 

This gave rise to e-commerce live stream stars like China’s “Lipstick King” Austin Li Jiaqi who managed to sell 15,000 lipsticks within a day. Beauty products became a large part of the e-commerce live stream market, with successful influencers and sellers rising to fame as consumers continued to grow an appetite for such live selling events.

Fast forward to today, beauty live streams have evolved past the regular sales pitch to the everyday buyer. Like many industries, Covid-19 forced the beauty industry to go online and digitalise, pushing brands to become even more creative and innovative to engage their audiences during this period of physical distancing. 

As mentioned, Covid-19 has heavily pushed the beauty industry to embrace live streaming content as a viable medium to reach out to their audiences. Here are 4 trends that we have seen in beauty live streams since the pandemic.

Beauty Live Streams Have Evolved to Focus More On The Audience Experience

While live selling will still be around, many content creators have opted for a different approach to their beauty live stream content. Compared to a professional video, live streaming offers audiences that real-time virtual experience in the comfort of their own home.

Systema – Gum Health Matters

Systema’s Gum Health Matters live stream. Live Streaming by Vivid Snaps.

In November, System held a talk-show styled live stream about the importance of gum health with brand ambassador Elvin Ng. This beauty live stream included a game of Pictionary, where audiences had to guess the picture that Elvin Ng was drawing, to stand a chance and win an exclusive Systema gum care set.

Audience engagement segments are a key component of every live stream session. Audiences are constantly seeking for that unforgettable engaging experience similar to the top-notch in-store customer service at a physical beauty store. Instead of having a simple QnA session consider, incorporating more creative and interactive segments like contests and games to keep your viewers entertained during the beauty live stream.

Live Streams are No Longer Limited to The Key Opinion Leaders

Key opinion leaders like influencers and celebrities used to dominate the beauty live streaming space, mainly doing product reviews and product endorsements for beauty products. 

Today, everyone in the beauty industry has hopped onto the live streaming trend. From beauty brands to hairstylists and makeup artists, the beauty live streaming market has seen an influx of other beauty live streamers offering exciting and compelling live streaming content.

Post Covid-19, it is speculated that audiences will still have the appetite for such beauty live streaming content. The beauty live streaming market could become oversaturated with content from the different as everyone fights to stay on top of the game and garner the most views and audience engagements.

Beauty brands can consider working with these other content creators instead of competing with them. Even before the pandemic, American Express shared that businesses that inter-collaborated boosted their profits by 1.4 times, clearly indicating that there is a demand for brand collaborated content, regardless of the sector. This way, your brand collaboration can leverage on exceptional and unique content which can reach out to a wider audience range, which is a win-win situation for both parties. 

Clozette X Acnes – Treat Your Acne Right

Screenshot from Clozette Singapore. Live streaming by Vivid Snaps.

In this live stream by social content network Clozette, they partnered with Singaporean beauty influencer Xinlin Khaw and dermatologist Dr Teo Wan Lin to give viewers an insight into the new issue of mask-ne, which is a case when acne starts building up around the areas covered by the mask. 

Beauty Live Streams Are Not Just Targeting The End Consumers

With the entire industry having to go digital, beauty brands have also been holding live streams to engage other professionals in the industry. Brands have been expanding their target audiences beyond the end consumer, sharing industry trends and insights to establish themselves as leaders of the industry. 

Shiseido Live Stream

Face Line Colors with Beauty Creators– Ken Chong and Linus Loh

Face Line Colors with Beauty Creators– Kason Kiu and Kevin Neo

As part of the Autumn/ Winter 2020 beauty stream, Shiseido released their new Face Line Color hairstyle series inspired by the brave yet elegant fashion collections launched during the Covid-19 pandemic. This live stream series was a masterclass for professional stylists to learn how they could apply the Face Line Color styling technique which would bring out their client’s features even while wearing a mask.

Live Streaming is Becoming Increasingly Professional

As more businesses recognise the potential value that live streaming offers, live streaming content has become increasingly professional and well-produced as each brand strives to stand out from the crowd and capture their audience’s attention. 

Lancome Live Stream – Launch of #LiveYourStrength Virtual Flagship

Lancome’s #LiveYourStrength Virtual Flagship live stream. Live stream by Vivid Snaps.

In August, Lacome held a live stream for their first-ever virtual flagship store to celebrate the success of the Advanced Genifique serum. This product first launched 11 years ago, has over 35 million bottles sold and won more than 170 awards since. 

This product launch live stream made use of several professional components, including:

  • A green screen studio for TV presenter Rozz Lee, allowing the crew to overlay a virtual backdrop.
  • Lower thirds, which are motion graphic text that introduces the host and speakers with their name and designation.
  • Branded graphic overlays for the presentation segments in the live stream.

Brands looking to stand out in the beauty live streaming segment should engage a professional live streaming service provider to run the technical aspects of their live streaming event.

While content is king, you will need a reliable and trustworthy technical crew with the capabilities and efficacy to ensure that the live streaming runs as smoothly as possible. The team will manage everything from camera setup and cable laying to audio and lighting management. This ensures that you are providing the best live video viewing experience possible for your viewers.

Engage a Professional Live Streaming Service Provider Today

We hope that our analysis of these 4 Covid-19 trends has helped you gain a better understanding of how the beauty industry is making use of this lucrative content medium to adapt to the new normal.

At Vivid Snaps, our experienced live streaming technical crew has helped to provide live video and streaming services for a diverse range of clients across different industries. Beauty live streams are just one of the many types of corporate live stream services that we offer. Let us be the professional live streaming service provider for your next beauty live stream. 

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