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Best IT Product Launch Live Streams in 2020

With businesses having to host virtual events to adapt to current restriction on large-scaled physical events, big IT and tech product launches have also had to move online. The big names in the technology sector like Apple and Google had to learn how to host IT product launch live streams to engage with their audiences virtually during this time of physical distancing. 

Read on to find our picks for the best IT product launch live streams in 2020.

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Huawei – Intelligent Collaboration Product Launch

Screenshot taken from the Huawei Intelligent Collaboration Live Stream 2020.

Earlier in April this year, Huawei launched its new Intelligent Collaboration solution which would enable clients to collaborate with their colleagues remotely during this period of physical distancing. The Intelligent Collaboration solution consists of an advanced video conferencing platform which would provide a connection between colleagues and professionals working apart, and the Huawei IdeaHub, a large screen designed for office spaces to access content stored in a common cloud system. 

We noticed that this live stream was filmed in a filming studio with large LED panels to display the branded background and the presenters’ slides.

If you would like to achieve a similar effect for your production, you can consider live streaming with a green screen. With a green screen backdrop, you can key out the green background and add in suitable graphic overlays during your live stream presentation.

We also liked that the live stream was available in both Mandarin and English, making the product launch much more accessible to non-Mandarin speakers outside of China. Viewers could easily toggle the language of the live stream by clicking on the language button on the upper right hand corner. During the English live stream, there was an on-site translator who provided a live translation of the speakers’ presentation. 

Apple – Apple Event

This year, Apple held not 1 but 3 product launch events via live streaming on their Youtube channel and on the official Apple website. 

Apple Event – 15th September

Apple kicked off their first live stream with the new Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE, which has expanded its health capabilities for better tracking and monitoring, and new Ipad, which comes with a A12 Bionic chip to provide next-level machine learning capabilities.

This live stream also unveiled the Apple Fitness, a personalised fitness experience for Apple users, and Apple One, an all-in-one subscription that bundles Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and iCloud storage.

Apple Event – 13th October

In their second live stream, Apple launched the HomePod Mini, a more compact yet equally powerful version of the HomePod, and the long-awaited iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

Apple Event – 10th November

During their final product launch live stream, Apple unveiled their new MacBook Air, Mac Mini and MacBook Pro. This series of laptops are now built with the new M1 silicone chip, signifying Apple’s move away from having Intel processors in their computers. These are also the first laptops to have the new macOS Big Sur, a totally revamped OS with a fresh interface.

For all three of these live streams, we liked that Apple had key employees to introduce the key product features, focusing on how Apple’s products could change their users’ lives.

According to digital marketer Neil Patel, product launches should always focus on how the end-user can benefit from using the new products that you are releasing. This makes your content more relevant and relatable to the users, who would be more interested in trying out your new product. 

If your presenters are required to deliver a long speech on camera, we recommend that you film with a teleprompter to ease their speech delivery. Similar to how a live presenter would have a set of cue cards on hand, a teleprompter allows your presenter to read off their script while looking directly into the camera.

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2020

The Samsung Galaxy Unpacked is Samsung’s annual launch event to introduce a new smartphone to its Galaxy lineup.

This year’s event was held virtually and saw the launch of multiple products other than the new Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra phones, like the Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Tablet S7. Audiences could attend the event via Samsung’s YouTube and the official Samsung website. 

In this live stream, we liked that there was a product demonstration of all their products to highlight the key features and uses that the new Galaxy products had to offer. Having a live product demonstration makes it easier for the audiences to understand and relate to the new products, giving them the opportunity to visualise themselves using the new Galaxy phone, earbuds, watch or tablets. 

Canon India – Virtual Launch Event

In July, Canon India held this product launch live stream for the full-frame mirrorless EOS R5 and EOS R6 cameras meant for content creation and for filming making alike. These cameras were designed to enrich the camera’s users with every photography and videography experience. 

The live stream started off with a waiting screen and a countdown timer to generate the hype and publicity prior to the start of the event. 

There were also lower-thirds, which are text overlays, used to introduce the name and designation of the different speakers. If required, our in-house graphic designer is able to design unique graphic overlays for your live streaming needs.

At the end of the live stream, there was also a live QnA session with Canon technical experts Shalini Puri and Bharat Singh who provided in-depth and detailed answers to viewer’s questions. When hosting any live stream, we highly recommend that you integrate an audience engagement segment into your production as it helps your business to establish a personal relationship with your viewers. For a product launch event, it also allows your viewers to have a clearer understanding of your product, which would better motivate them to make the purchase.

Supporting Your IT Product Launch Event

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