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Sustainable Foods Video Production Singapore

Sustainable foods is one of the main topics attracting global attention in recent years and it has been the subject organisations and enterprises use to enhance their environmental-social-governance values. Therefore, sustainable foods video production is not just a tool but a long-term strategy to build and develop their image for current and future generations.

In this article, we share different concepts and approaches of organisations in producing sustainable foods videos and references around Singapore.

The Vivid Snaps Video Production Team

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We are a creative and enthusiastic team of directors, producers, project coordinators, graphic designers, video editors, and videographers with years of experience. Therefore, you can enjoy full video production service from pre to post. Our main customer target is corporate clients with a diversified work range from internal brand story videos, communication videos, and virtual & hybrid events to corporate photography.

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For more reference photos of our green screen studio, please visit our Green Screen Studio Singapore blog post.

What are Sustainable Foods?

According to the United Nations, sustainable foods means that our natural resources are not wasteful and are enough to use for the future without causing a negative impact on our health or environment [1]. In other words, sustainable foods contain all the issues including manufacturing food without being detrimental to our environment, using natural resources efficiently, and ensuring to meet the demand of feeding the whole world’s population now and in the future.

Sustainable Foods Video Production References from around Singapore

This section gives different approaches to sustainable foods video production from organizations around Singapore. Based on that, you can see the development of producing sustainable food videos for organizations’ particular goals.

PLEASE NOTE: The videos referenced in this blog article are not produced by Vivid Snaps. The following videos are sourced from publicly available websites, such as YouTube.

Sustainable Foods Video in Singapore Tourism Industry

The video created a sustainable foods paradise to reimagine tourists’ experiences in Singapore. Accordingly, Singapore in this video is known as a city of food sustainability with its journey to produce 30% of its nutritional needs by 2030 for the Singapore Green Plan, climate-resilient vegetable farms on rooftops, and sustainable high-tech fish farms.

The information and statistics from the video provided an overview of Singapore on sustainable foods growth with food security and food safety. Besides, lively scenes and smooth films created a colorful food world and brought interesting experiences for audiences. Especially, for eco-conscious foodies and travelers who advocate sustainable values, this video delivered the right messages to the right persons.

Sustainable Foods Corporate Video from Airlines

This video is about the sustainable utilization of food resources in flights. It is not only a strategy, food sustainability is a long-term target of this airline. This shows in their reduction of wastage onboard through applying technology to measure food wastage. Also, they are looking for partners or ideas to be with them in their goal of sustainable consumption.

The video uses text overlays to emphasize important points, which is effective to gain viewers’ attention. On the other hand, the airline acknowledges that despite the best effort to reach their inflight sustainable food goals, technology has not kept up to help them achieve the desired statistics and data on food wastage. Therefore, the video ends with a question to its viewers, challenging the viewers to find even more solutions to combat food waste.

Sustainable Foods Video from Singapore Hotels

In this hotel sustainability video from Grand Hyatt, we observe that the hotel brand has begun its sustainability effort in 2019 or earlier. Following that, this video indicates methods this hotel use in each service to ensure sustainability from the recycling of toiletries, reverse osmosis, water recycling, reducing single-use plastics, and sustainable beverages to food sustainability through organic food thoughtfully sourced, herb garden rooftop, food donation programs, and in-house food waste management.

We would rate this video as being highly effective given how they have summarized the array of sustainability efforts. Coming from the perspective of a viewer, this has elevated my perception of the hotel brand.

Sustainable Foods Videos from Singapore’s Rooftop Farms

Food security is an important part of food sustainability and Singapore’s rooftop farms are one of the solutions to the limited land space in our small island nation. This video mentions the proliferation and meaning of rooftop farms in securing food for future generations through building farmlands in the cities and localizing food production on a large scale. Besides, developing rooftop farms is a good base to improve food supply chains which help us have enough food to deal with pandemics or disruptions.

With the fact that Singapore imports more than 90% of food from countries in the world, urban farming is a great solution for Singaporeans to have their own sustainable farms, lower food production costs but higher quality pesticide-free food production

Singapore’s High-Tech Solution to Food Sustainability

This Singapore startup makes use of wastewater from tofu-making to produce about 1,000 to 2,000 liters of soy wine per month. By recycling waste by-products in the food industry, this company created valuable products.

This video shows how soy wine, the first world’s alcoholic beverage, was made. This is not only about recycling but also about innovating future foods. Thanks to that, consumers understand more about the origins of this product as well as the contributions of this product to food sustainability.

On the other hand, in this video, there are reviews from customers about this product to provide viewers with more objective points of view about this new product and easier for them to make a purchase decision.

Apart from that, there is also an article on Euronews writing about this company with innovative products to contribute to Singapore’s food sustainability.    

Food Waste Trackers for Sustainable Food

Food Waste is garnering attention globally and prompting nations around the world to find effective solutions. This video introduces a food waste tracker from a Singaporean start-up to measure and reduce food waste.

This video is successful in pointing out the values of the food waste tracker from the views of multiple stakeholders. Accordingly, the start-up founder explained the technology and benefits of the tracker in helping restaurant owners control the volume of each dish every day, investigate customers’ favorite food, and have optimizing solutions for their business. Also, the interview with the hotel manager adds credibility to the effectiveness of the product with his confirmation and satisfaction with this product.

Furthermore, the video showed the process of the tracker as well as behind-the-scenes, which is user-friendly and relevant to the daily operations of restaurants or kitchens. This gives clients a good overview of how the technology works.

The claim of 30-40% improvement seems like a bold claim but will certainly capture the attention of potential customers.

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