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TBM Breakthrough Event Photographer & Videographer

Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) Breakthrough Ceremony Event Photography & Videography is one of the special events that we cover for our clients. Our team supports event organisers and corporate clients at corporate events and special events. Read more about our experience and how you can leverage our expertise to deliver good images and videos at your TBM Breakthrough or Groundbreaking event.

The Vivid Media Team

Vivid Media Company Group Photo Singapore
Group photo of the Vivid Snaps video production team

Our team consists of media professional with expertise in video production from pre to post. Consisting of videographers, video editors, director, project coordinators and graphic designer. Our portfolio is focused on corporate clients. And our works ranges from internal communication videos, brand story videos, virtual & hybrid events and corporate photography.

Event photography & event videography is one of the scope we support for our organisational clients and event partners. To start a working relationship with us, connect with our project coordinators today.

Green Screen Studio for Corporate Filming

Reference Photo of Green Screen Studio in Singapore
Green screen studio setup at Vivid Snaps office

Our office houses a small green screen studio, suitable for filming of up to 2 on-screen talents. This is exclusively reserved for our clients, so to provide high availability and convenience when engaging our video production services.

For more reference photos of our green screen studio, please visit our Green Screen Studio Singapore blog post.

TBM Breakthrough Event Photographer, Clinton Lee

Event Photographer Singapore, Clinton Lee, Vivid Snaps Photography
Professional portrait of our event photographer, Clinton Lee.

This article is writing in consultation with our event photographer, Clinton Lee.

Clinton is one of the senior photographers in Vivid Snaps. Intensely passionate about multiple disciplines within the realm of professional photography. And special events like TBM Breakthrough Ceremony requires the event photographer to be able to think quickly on their feet, react to any situation, and also be able to work under pressure.

TBM Breakthrough Ceremony Event Photo Opportunity

TBM Breakthrough Groundbreaking Event Photographer
Group photo taken during the TBM Breakthrough event

The location of this TBM Breakthrough event was about 5 storey underground. The event consists of key highlights at the ground level and activities at the basement level. The most direct way of shuttling between these areas is usually via a staircase. Hence, it is necessary for the event photographer and event videographer to be physically fit.

When possible, you may consider arranging for 2 event photographers if you are working with a tight schedule to avoid missing of any important segments.

TBM Breakthrough Underground Group Photo

TBM Breakthrough Groundbreaking Event Photographer
Group photo with social distancing taken at TBM Breakthrough event

When large group photos are to be taken during the TBM event, it should be communicated with the event photographer. A suitable camera angle will need to be identified and wide angle lens should be prepared. In the case of an extremely tight space, a fisheye lens may also be needed. Fisheye lens is a special equipment and not usually carried by an event photographer.

The camera angle can usually be decided on the day itself, however you may need to request our photographer to report earlier for a site-recce. The early reporting time should be communicated and catered for during request of quotation.

TBM Breakthrough Event Videographer & Video Highlight

Event video highlight of TBM Breakthrough event

While nice visuals are one of the priorities when our event videographer is filming at your TBM groundbreaking event, there are several other important aspects. For instance, if you have 2 sets of audio mixers & AV setup. One at the ground level and another at the basement. Our video crew will have to tap audio at both mixers to capture the audio for post-production. This requires the videographer to arrive on-site earlier, as shuttling between the 2 locations will require time.

In order to capture important moments, a second static camera angle will be required to be setup at the TBM breakthrough area. An elevated platform for the media will be necessary if the area is expected to be crowded. For safety reason, an additional crew should also be stationed by the static camera to prevent any accidental tripping on the tripod legs.

The recommended video crew for a TBM Breakthrough event shall be:

  • Main videographer
  • Second videographer
  • Assistant (for sound & general assisting)

All the requirements should be discussed with our project coordinators during the quotation phase, so they can be properly catered and costed for. To avoid any unexpected cost arising.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & Safety Gear

Our event photographer and event videographer will comply with the safety requirements of the event. The PPE can be provided by the client, or we can purchase them independently at a cost. Such equipment includes safety helmet, safety shoes, goggles and hi-vis vest.

Other than TBM Breakthrough and Groundbreaking events, our photographers and videographers also cover other media production for shipyard, pharmaceutical plants and construction sites where PPE is required.

Safety Induction Course for Photographer & Videographer

We understand that SIC may be required for special events like TBM Breakthrough event or job site. Our event photographer and event videographer will comply with the requirement by attending the safety induction course as needed.

The requirement for SIC should be communicated during the quotation phase. Event photographers and videographers will usually charge a half-day fee for attending of such courses. The fee covers of the time required for attending the SIC as needed.

WICA Insurance for Event Photographer & Videographer

Our company will be able to provide WICA insurance certificate to cover our staff for the duration of your project. Depending on your requirements, special coverage may be required. Please communicate this with our project coordinator during the quotation phase, as additional cost and lead time may be required to arrange the appropriate insurance policy.

Public Liability Insurance for Event Photographer & Videographer

We will be able to provide public liability insurance coverage for your event or photo & filming works at your job site. Depending on your job site requirements, special coverage may be required for the location or special work. Please discuss this requirement with our project coordinator during the quotation phase, as additional cost and lead time may be required to arrange the appropriate insurance policy.

Vivid Snaps Photographers & Videographers

Vivid Media Company Group Photo Singapore
Group photo of the Vivid Snaps video production team

We hope this article has provided quick insights in media production. Our team is ready to work with you. Leverage on our combined expertise for your event media production. Our core expertise are in the following fields:

Event Media Services

  • Video live feed & wireless roving video live feed
  • Multi-camera video live feed with switcher & recording
  • Event videography & video highlight
  • Event photography
  • Event photography w/ live projection

For a profile of our team, visit About us to learn more.

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A TBM Breakthrough or Groundbreaking event is considered a slightly more complex event. We have team members who have supported photography & videography requirements at job site, ship yard and pharmaceutical plant.

Drop us a message with your project requirements. Our project coordinator will get in touch with you to discuss your requirements and provide a price quotation.

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