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Tourism Live Streaming in Singapore & Asia

Given the current restrictions on international travel during this Covid-19 period, many countries have turned to tourism live streaming to provide travellers with virtual tours of their scenic hotspots and tourist destinations. 

Read on to find out more about how the tourism sector in Asia has adopted live streaming during this Covid-19 period.

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What is Tourism Live Streaming?

Tourism live streaming is a type of lifestyle live streaming that focuses on introducing new tourist destinations to its viewers. These live streams explore the destination’s cultural and historical attractions through the form of a live tour.

At the end of the tour, live stream hosts offer exclusive discounts and promotions from local hotels, attractions and retailers to entice tourists to book their trip in advance. The objective of hosting tourism live streams is to encourage tourists to visit these destinations as soon as it becomes safe to resume leisure travel.

With some countries still banning international travel, some tourism boards and travel agencies have turned to targeting their domestic audience. Some tourism live streams ride on ongoing domestic tourism campaigns in the country to further encourage audiences to support local tourist attractions and destinations.

Tourism Live Stream in Singapore Singapore

Screenshot taken from Facebook page.

This year, Singapore hosted a live show series to offer Singaporeans irresistible discounts and promotions for staycation hotels in Singapore and in various Asian countries. This episode introduced viewers to different hotels and accommodations that they could visit using the $100 tourism vouchers that Singapore Tourism Board gave out in December. 

The live stream started with a series of branding videos being played on loop. These videos were meant to encourage audiences to download and explore the endless discounts and offers available via the app, which has a new interface which offers new features like text-to-speech functions.

For their live stream series, we noticed that the two hosts, Edmoon and Vigi, were presenting the show in a green screen studio. This allowed the live streaming crew to add in a virtual backdrop with the logo, which helped to reinforce the business’ branding.

Lower-thirds, which are text overlays, were used to introduce the two hosts and their designations. 

If required, our in-house graphic designer is able to design unique graphic overlays to suit your live streaming needs.

Klook Travel

In this live stream by Singaporean travel agency Klook Travel introduced Singaporeans with new tours and scenic destinations in the Little Red Dot that they could visit during the weekends. This live stream was held as part of a series of live streams that Klook has been hosting since the Circuit Breaker period in May, which has been held on both Klook’s Facebook page and their Klook Travel mobile app.

We liked that Klook produced their own tourism videos to highlight the best parts of the tours and tourism destinations that they were featuring in their live stream. The live stream hosts, name and name, also took part in the tours prior to this live stream, allowing them to share their own personal experiences when exploring these scenic destinations.

We also liked that Klook shot a corporate interview video with one of the co-founders of Singapore Sidecars, who gave audiences an overview of the business’ history and mission to support charitable causes. 

Tourism Live Stream in China

China’s tourism industry was one of the first few to feel the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, with the country going into major lockdowns as early as January last year. Even as lockdown restrictions were lifted in the country, many were initially hesitant to resume domestic leisure travel. 

During this period, many Chinese travel agencies and influencers began hosting tourism live streams to provide Chinese audiences with the opportunity to virtually visit and learn about exciting new tourist destinations overseas. 

Some agencies like Fliggy, Alibaba’s travel service, partnered with travel bureaus to host live tours of famous European tourist attractions like the Palace of Versailles, The British Museum and The Prado. Much like e-commerce live streams, these tourism live streams offered an interactive and educational tour for the Chinese audiences who could ask the live stream hosts questions about the places they were touring virtually. 

When hosting a live stream, we recommend that you engage a live streaming host who has a lively personality to connect with your audiences on a personal level. Audiences are seeking a memorable experience when attending your tourism live stream as if they are physically present at the tourist attraction themselves. As such, having an experienced host who can engage with your audiences and build a relationship with them is a key factor in capturing their attention during these live streams. 

Fliggy’s live stream virtual tour which introduces Chinese audiences to different historical attractions in Europe. Photo taken from Jing Culture & Commerce.

Other travel agencies like Ctrip turned to promote domestic tourism within China. Ctrip’s chairman, James Jian Zhang Liang, made headlines in China for hosting 27 live streams promoting different destinations in China. He became famous for his extravagant cosplay outfits, where he would dress up in a different style to match the theme of the tourist destination he was promoting for that episode. 

James Jian Zhang Liang (first person from left) dressed up as a gondola driver in this live stream episode featuring luxury hotel and casino resort The Venetian Macao. Photo taken from

During his live streams, Jian introduces the culture and history of the destination featured in this episode. With his quirky hosting personality, he manages to come up with intriguing and enticing content for each episode, incorporating elements like pop song covers, rap and traditional Chinese opera into his live stream to sell the tourist destination. 

Ctrip also partnered with local hotels, restaurants and retailers to offer exclusive discounts and promo codes to their live streaming audiences. This live stream series saw up to 1 billion views over the course of the 6 months. 

Tourism Live Stream in Japan

Photo taken from Magical

In Japan, travel agencies like Magical have turned to live streaming online tours and cultural experiences to viewers overseas. Many of these tours are held by individual tour guides who offer paid experiences for small groups via Zoom. From sake drinking classes to fashion and pop culture tours, there are a wide variety of experiences that viewers can take part in from the comfort of their own home. 

Tourism Live Stream in Korea

Unlike the other tourism live streams, the Korean Tourism Organisation (KTO) held a webinar-styled live stream that targeted corporate travel professionals. During the live stream, there was a virtual tour of the Folk Village where the hosts introduced the various MICE activities and event spaces that MICE planners could incorporate into their future MCIE tours in Jeju.

Aside from the virtual tour of the Folk Village, there was also a presentation by Korean MICE event planners who shared their experiences hosting MICE events in the Jeju Folk Village. 

The live stream ended off with a QnA segment to engage with their audiences who had questions on conducting MICE events on Jeju island itself. 

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At Vivid Snaps, tourism live streaming is just one of the many corporate live streaming services that we offer our clients. Our dedicated live streaming technical crew is enthusiastic to support your next live stream production. 

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