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GeBiz Virtual & Hybrid Event Production

Virtual and hybrid events are not going to replace physical events, but they have served to maintain engagement with your audience in the pandemic landscape. Using Zoom and webcams to run your virtual is a sure way to turn away your audience very quickly. Which is why organisations look to a live streaming production company to run their virtual event. Professional cameras and audio equipment produces high quality visuals, to establish a positive first impression to keep your audience engaged. This article gives you a quick look on some virtual event basics.

GeBiz Virtual & Hybrid Event Production Company

Vivid Snaps LLP is a live streaming production company supporting public agencies in virtual events. Our core expertise lies in the production and execution, while we can also support the pre-event admin at smaller scale virtual events.

GeBiz Hybrid Event Virtual Event Live Streaming
GeBiz Hybrid Event Virtual Event Live Streaming
Company NameVivid Snaps LLP
Vendor IDT12LL0042K
Year Founded2012
Phone 19482 5300 (Office)
Phone 28842 7500 (Eugene)
Phone 38886 2300 (Ledon)
Core Expertise 1Live Streaming Production
Core Expertise 2Video Production

Our GeBiz Virtual Event Team

Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo
Composite group photo of our virtual event team

Founded in 2012, our Vivid Snaps team is 9 years in the event & media industry. Our team consists of the following professions:

  • Videographers covering camera work
  • Project Coordinators manage event admin
  • Graphic Designers handle your key visuals
  • Tech Crew makes sure the nitty gritty is covered
  • Photographers shoot the portraits for your awards ceremony
  • Video Editors prepare your pre-recorded videos & motion graphics

Together, we cover most disciplines required for a small to mid-scale virtual & hybrid event. Whether on-site or at our green screen studio.

Strengths & Limitations in Virtual & Hybrid Events

Every vendor brings together a varied skillset. Having started our business in the events industry, we are strongly rooted in the event scene. Bridging our media expertise with our experience in events, is what makes us a strong production partner for your virtual and hybrid events.

Our Strengths & Expertise

We live & breathe events, with a strong passion in media production.

Live Streaming Production

Our live streaming team is almost entirely in-house, which makes for tight communication and great synergy. When not running virtual events, our video team is busy with corporate video productions. Suffice to say, our team is very comfortable with requirements and expectations of organisational clients.

Live Streaming Technology

Multiple streaming locations and connecting virtual audiences from overseas, our team have done it. Exploring and setting up of new and different live streaming technologies. The landscape is always changing and so do we.

Video Production

A core expertise of our team, helping our clients to produce high quality pre-recorded webinar or pre-recorded live streams. Done at your location or at our green screen studio. For your foreign presenters who are not able to join on the actual day, our team can help with remote video production.


Mostly requested in awards ceremony live streams, our in-house photographers can capture professional portraits of your awardees before the event. And later composed in a video slideshow or collage.

Thinking On Our Feet

Even with ample preparation, unforeseen issues can happen. Our team knows that, and we make quick decisions to resolve unexpected situations.

Our Limitations

We are a production company with some event management experience. While we can manage a small to mid-scale event, up to about 1000 virtual audience. Some larger scale events, requiring coordination with multiple vendors and creative direction, are still best left to dedicated events management companies. We have written an article to feature virtual & hybrid event management companies in Singapore.

GeBiz Virtual Event Studio

Best Green Screen Studio
Our green screen studio for video filming and live streaming

We are a passionate team and we leave no stones unturned when finding solutions to our client’s problems. In this process, we have set up a green screen studio that is complimentary to use when you engage our live streaming ot video production services.

This green screen will fit 2 person comfortably, and most often used for filming of speeches or corporate videos. We also reserve this studio space for our clients only, allowing us to offer high availability.

When you need a larger green studio or a studio with bespoke amenities, we have listed many live streaming studio rental options in another blog article.

GeBiz Video Production

Physical Video Recording For Live Streaming Webcast Production
Reference screenshot of a pre-recorded webinar

Whether it is to accommodate an overseas speaker schedule or a 3D virtual tour. There are many reasons you need a pre-recorded filming. What this means is, we will film and edit your a presentation or discussion prior to your event. This pre-recorded video will play back during your virtual event, much like a live scene. We have written a separate article about pre-recorded webinar and how organisations are using it.

GeBiz Virtual Event Engagement Tools

Pigeonhole Virtual Event Live Streaming
Using Pigeonhole in a panel discussion virtual event live stream

There are many ways to engage your online audience, but a few popular options stood out. Starting with a local company, we have Pigeonhole, whom you may remember as a Q&A platform at physical events. You will also come across and Mentimeter, being 2 other popular engagement tools used by virtual event organisers in Singapore.

The line between an event engagement tool and virtual event platform is sometimes blurred, because many virtual event platforms offers a robust set of engagement tool and even gamification systems.

GeBiz Virtual Event Platforms

Live Video Integration on Slido
Reference image of using Slido for a virtual event

You are almost spoilt for choices when it comes to virtual event platform, but finding one that matches your required feature set and that is cost-effective is key. You will be happy to know that we have a couple of options with local support. They are enavle, Micepad and, learn more in our virtual event platform article.

GeBiz vMix Live Stream Production

Hotel Hybrid Event Singapore
Live streaming using vMix at a hotel ballroom

You can pick out any respectable live streaming companies in Singapore and they would almost always be using vMix live production software. At the most basic level, vMix allows customised overlays, lower thirds and green screen in your live streaming production.

To explore further, we can use vMix to add live effects, transitions and multiple presets to be activated at the click of a button. But before we get too excited, more feature require more pre-event production resources and adds to your event budget.

GeBiz Virtual Event Group Photo

Staff Appreciation Virtual Event Group Photo
Customised Virtual Group Photo taken at a virtual event

Virtual Group Photos are a way to commemorate the occasion. Until we can again take physical group photo, a virtual group shot like this serves as a novel souvenir for your event attendees.

GeBiz & Organisational Clients

We have delivered many successful virtual events for our organisational clients, and we look forward to serving you.

  • Ministry of National Development
  • Singapore Prison Service
  • Singapore Armed Forces
  • Mount Alvernia Hospital
  • Tan Tock Seng Hospital
  • Home Team Academy
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Defence

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