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Manufacturing Plant Video Production in Singapore

We support organisations to create corporate videos including manufacturing plant and factory video production. This includes industrial and pharmaceutical plants.

In this article, we share with you more about the process behind video productions and why you should consider hiring a professional video team to shoot your corporate industrial video.

Manufacturing Plant Video Production Process

Three core stages are involved in a typical corporate video production – Pre-production, Production, and Post-production. Every stage plays an essential role to the making of your corporate industrial video.


It is always better to over plan then have insufficient planning for a video production. Some key documents that you can prepare and discuss with your production vendor prior to the filming of your corporate video include:

  • Talent Casting and Scripting (if required)
  • Filming Schedule / Programme flow
  • Storyboard
  • Location scouting
  • Shot List
Screenshot taken from Vision One YouTube channel, shot by Vivid Media team.

If your manufacturing plant video requires talents to explain certain processes or machinery equipment, it is best to prepare a script for them as they might not be from the manufacturing industry, hence they might be foreign to certain technical terms.

Alternatively, we can conduct filming with a teleprompter to provide a guide for the talents to read off their script while looking into the camera. However, it is still ideal that they are familiar with the content they are supposed to be talking about throughout the video.

A storyboard is essential as it will contain the intended gist and flow of your industrial or machinery video, including potential machines you wish for the cameramen to capture. This will aid the filming crew in preparing for your shoot and planning accordingly. It is recommended to discuss your goals and objectives with the filming crew to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Our videography is team can provide storyboarding and conceptualisation services for your corporate industrial video production if required.

Filming & Production

Screenshot taken from Vision One YouTube channel, video produced by Vivid Media.

Production refers to the actual filming process of your manufucturing video. At this stage, your filming crew should be prepared with the necessary filming equipment such as video cameras, audio equipment, lighting equipment, etc., and an idea of the creative direction to film your manufacturing plant video such as the angle of shots. When working with a professional video production team, you need not worry about this stage!


Having completed the filming component of your video, the next step would be the editing stage for the different shots and footage. The editing of a manufacturing plant video, normally involves machinery, requires extra attention as the editor is required to know how the machines work and operate in order to choose the most ideal footage to stitch together and create your final video.

The post-production editing process typically proceeds accordingly to the storyboard of your manufacturing video. To achieve a final video that is up to your standards, it is not unusual that a couple of revisions are required.

Screenshot taken from Vision One YouTube channel, video produced by Vivid Media.

In this manufacturing plant video of Vision One’s Digital Transformation, our in-house video editor produced a video of 3 minutes complete with edits such as visual effects, text overlays, transitions, colour grading, subtitles, etc., just to name a few. A typical manufacturing corporate profile video is approximately 1-3 minutes long depending on your requirements and requests for the final edited video.

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Composite group photo of our video production team

Whether you are looking to do an office tour or a corporate video for your manufacturing plant, our team of video professionals can work with you to turn your visions into visuals. Our team consists of director, producer, videographer, video editor and photographer. Together, we strive to make your video production as seamless as possible.

Our Works for Office, Industrial & Manufacturing Plant

We serve primarily corporate and organisational customers, delivering corporate videos ranging from communications to recruitment videos. Below are some of the works we have delivered.

Drone Photography for Commercial Building

Drone photography and videography of a commercial building in Singapore
Aerial photography for architecture and commercial building.

When our clients moved into a new building, we help with capturing the new space. This include facade photo shoot, drone and aerial filming of your architecture.

Laboratory Video

Pharmaceutical and laboratory video production

Created for the launch of a the client’s new Singapore office, we assisted the creative agency in the filming and production of a video showcasing the office and laboratory.

Office Walkthrough

Post-renovation office video featuring state-of-the-art amenities

An office walkthrough video takes on multiple roles, they are used for showcasing new office spaces and how it supports an effective workforce. Beyond spaces, this video incorporate talents who demonstrated how the innovative spaces are used to promote a healthy workplace and encourages collaboration.

Robotics & Product Video

Product video for automation and robotics

We help innovative brands produce product videos detailing new features. These category of videos serves can be further categorised into promotional video, instructional video and troubleshooting video. And they will be planned accordingly based on the intended usage.

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Almost all our projects are customised to our client’s requirements. We can start from conceptualisation and scripting, or we can take your vision and go straight into production and editing.

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