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Town Hall Live Streaming In Singapore

Vivid Snaps is a professional live streaming service provider experienced in providing live streaming solutions for internal corporate events like town hall meetings. If you are looking for a live streaming production crew for your town hall meeting live stream, we are ready to provide our service to meet your business needs.

Read on to find out more about how our team can support your next town hall meeting live stream.

Why Host a Town Hall Meeting Live Stream?

Town hall meetings are an organisation-wide business meeting which provides employees and the senior management with the opportunity to connect and discuss various issues important to the company. 

With current safe management measures limiting the size of physical meetings and events, hosting a virtual town hall meeting allows businesses to gather employees and senior management together to engage in these important conversations in the company.

Virtual town hall meetings also allow businesses to shape their company culture and celebrate the successes of the employees during this difficult time of being physically apart. This keeps employees engaged and renews their sense of belonging.

Benefits of Hosting a Virtual Town Hall (Live Streaming)

Staff Appreciation Virtual Event Group Photo
Sample of a virtual group photo

Additionally, virtual town hall meetings provider several benefits over physical town hall meetings, such as:

  • Easier accessibility for employees. Previously, employees had to take the time to travel to the physical meeting venue. If they were unable to attend the physical meeting, they would miss out on this opportunity to engage and network with other meeting participants. With a virtual town hall meeting, employees can join the meeting from the convenience of their workspace or from their home which further incentivises them to attend the town hall meeting.
  • Wider audience reach. If your organisation has a global employee base, hosting the town hall virtually allows for participation from audiences from various offices around the world.
  • Save cost from sourcing for a physical venue. While your organisation may choose to pay for an online live streaming platform for your internal meetings, acquiring a subscription for a platform would be much less expensive than hiring a physical venue for a one-time off event. Overseas participants of the meeting can also connect in virtually instead of having to be physically presented for the town hall meeting.
  • Participation tools provide opportunities for employees to engage with the speakers. Town hall meetings are meant to be an opportunity for two-way communication between employees and the senior management and not just another meeting to disseminate information from top-down. Participation tools like chat boxes for QnA, polls and break out rooms for discussions allow employees to be involved in the meeting discussion.
  • OnDemand content for internal communications purposes. Post event, you can use snippets of this town hall meeting to engage with your employees. This live stream can also be uploaded as a video for employees to rewatch any parts they may have missed. 

Which Live Stream Platform Should I Use?

Corporate Zoom Webinar Production with Minister
Reference photo of using Zoom as a live streaming platform

There are many live streaming platforms with different price points and capabilities for you to choose from for your town hall meeting live stream. We recommend that you choose the platform that provides the functions you need for the different segments of your town hall meeting. 

For instance, if you require a budget-friendly platform hosting up to 100 participants in your meeting, Zoom’s Basic plan or Pro plan might be the solution for you. Zoom comes with its own polling and chat box functions which can be used to engage your employees during the town hall meeting. We recently shared some live streaming platforms that you can consider for your next town hall meeting live stream.

If you are still unsure about which platform can best suit your town hall meeting requirements, our project coordinators will be able to advise you accordingly.

Providing The Best Live Video Viewing Experience for Your Employees

Panel discussion hybrid event live streaming
Reference of a hybrid event with overseas presenter

As mentioned, virtual town hall meetings are about engaging your employees and aligning everyone with the company’s vision and direction. In order to do this successfully, you need to ensure that you provide the best live video viewing experience for all meeting participants. Offering a seamless, high quality video feed is part of providing an enjoyable and memorable virtual meeting experience.

We recommend engaging a professional live streaming service provider who can provide the best quality live streaming experience for your town hall meeting participants. From camera and audio set up to on site troubleshooting, engaging a live streaming technical crew will settle the technical aspects of your virtual town hall meeting. 

vMix Studio Live Stream Production

Hotel Hybrid Event Singapore
Live streaming at a hybrid event, from a hotel ballroom.

vMix is an industry-standard live streaming production software that we use to provide creative solutions for our client’s needs. Using the latest advances in computer hardware, this software allows us to switch between multiple camera outputs to provide different camera angles for the participants of your town hall meeting live stream.

Find out more about our vMix production services in our previous article.

Green Screen Studio Live Streaming

Green Screen Studio Singapore
Reference photo of our green screen studio

Once only available to the big film screens, green screen studio setups are now widely used for smaller scaled video productions and live streaming.

For virtual town hall meeting live streams, we offer a green screen studio set up for your presenters that can comfortably fit 2 pax on screen. This lets us drop in a specially-designed graphic background that matches your company’s branding. We can either set up the studio at your office, or your presenters may come down to our studio space at Kallang Place to film their live stream.

If our studio space is not ideal for your town hall live streaming, we also shared many options for green screen studio rentals in our other article.

Professional Graphic Overlays

Aside from a virtual background for your audiences, our in-house graphic designer can also design other graphic overlays, like:

  • Lower-thirds, which are text overlays that introduce your presenters’ name and designations.
  • Picture in picture layouts for speakers who wish to appear on screen as they share their slides.
  • Multi-speaker layouts to showcase multiple speakers at the same time.
A multi-speaker layout with lower-thirds to introduce the two speakers. Screenshot taken from the Lancome Advanced Genifique virtual flagship store launch live stream.

Engage a Professional Live Streaming Service Provider

Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo
Corporate photography by Vivid Snaps

Now that you understand how our live streaming technical crew is able to support your town hall meeting live stream production, let us be the media company to help you get started with live streaming your virtual town hall meeting.

Aside from virtual town hall meetings, we also offer event services to support your physical or hybrid town hall meetings. From roving instant print photography and eco-friendly photo booths to event roving photography and event highlight video production, our experienced and committed team is enthusiastic to assist you with your town hall meeting.

If you would like to engage our services, drop our project coordinators a message today and we will get back to you.

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