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Community Video Production in Singapore

Videos associated with community benefits are typically produced by not-for-profit organizations and are typically produced for the benefit of the community. As corporate social responsibility (CSR) becomes increasingly important, companies and brands are using community video production to communicate their CSR commitments.

To help you understand how community videos can be done most effectively, this article explores some of the works we have done and some of the best community videos from Singapore and around the world.

Our Community Video Production Team

Vivid Media Company Group Photo Singapore
Group photo of the Vivid Media video production team

We are a creative and enthusiastic team of directors, producers, videographer and video editors. Our portfolio is largely focused on organisational clients in the private and government sector. We work hard to help you achieve your objectives through good storytelling and compelling visuals.

What is a Community Video?

The purpose of a community video is to demonstrate how a business or organization is bringing value to the community. This could benefit people, animals, and the environment in a variety of ways.

There is a common misconception that businesses, especially large corporations, are only concerned with costs and profits. Hence, community videos are a great medium to illustrate that your businesses care for their communities since behind every successful business is a team of people who persevere with their efforts.

Organizations and businesses that do good not only benefit society, but also inspire their employees, build trust with partners and customers, and gain better public perception, resulting in long-term synergies.

Community Videos by Vivid Snaps

In this segment we’ll be exploring some of the community videos our team has done over the past few years. Our team has collaborated with organisations, including non-profits, community groups, and charities to produce these videos.

Community Anniversary Video for Kaki Bukit Community Centre

Community Centre Anniversary Video, produced by Vivid Media

Our Scope: Conceptualisation, Storyboard, Filming, Post-production

Director: Jackson Ho | Producer: Ledon Lim | Cinematographer: Melvin Mak | Video Editor: Gwendolyn Koh | Crew: Felicia Liu, Amirah Azman, Le Xuan, Charli Chan

Community centres or community clubs serve as public gathering places for community members to engage in group activities, receive social support, obtain public information, and achieve other objectives. Recently, we collaborated with Kaki Bukit CC to produce a video for their 40th anniversary celebration.

We were cognizant that the video would be presented in front of a vast audience of residents, so we aimed to create a touching and sentimental video that would elicit feelings of nostalgia and a sense of belonging. To accomplish this, we devised the concept of a physical memory lane where interviewees could stroll through and reminisce about the old photographs showcased.

To obtain a comprehensive perspective and representation of Kaki Bukit, we conducted interviews with individuals from diverse backgrounds, including grassroots leaders, hawkers, and even ministers. Additionally, the video is peppered with numerous B-rolls and photographs that capture the essence of the Kaki Bukit community’s livelihood over the years.

Community Corporate Video for Hospice Council

Community Corporate Video, produced by Vivid Media

Our Scope: Conceptualisation, Storyboard, Filming, Post-production

Director: Jackson Ho | Producer: Eugene Ng | Cinematographer: Melvin Mak | Crew: Felicia Liu

As part of our company’s corporate social responsibility initiative this year (2023), we collaborated with the Singapore Hospice Council (SHC) and assisted them in producing a corporate video that offers an insight into their organisation and its activities. Working closely with the SHC team, we shot the video across several days, covering various locations, as is typical of such productions.

The video itself is a powerful tool for the SHC to convey their message to a broader audience, beyond their existing network. It serves as a means to reach out to potential supporters, volunteers, and donors and encourages them to join their cause. By presenting a clear and compelling picture of their organisation’s mission and values, the video helps to foster trust and transparency with their stakeholders, and strengthens their reputation as a reliable and credible organisation.

Corporate Video for Social Service Agency

Corporate Video for BizLink Non-profit Serving Differently Abled Individuals

Our Scope: Filming & Post-production

Director: Jackson Ho | Producer: Ledon Lim | Cinematographer: Melvin Mak | Crew: Ambrose Chia

When we were approached to work on this video, the storyboard and flow of the video has already been prepared. Our objective in this corporate video was to convey the upskilling opportunities provided by BizLink for the community.

The interviewees offers a genuine perspective of the programme that were offered and how it has benefitted them.

Community Video Featuring Residents

Community Video for MacPherson CC

Our Scope: Storyboarding for series of 5 videos, Filming, Post-production

Videographer: Melvin Mak & Rachel Ong | Video Editor: Gwendolyn Koh

In this part of a 5-video series that we produced for MacPherson CC, the videos shared some of the notable programmes and schemes that have benefited the community. We were given brief for the video series, and details on the schemes.

Clubhouse Official Opening Video

HomeTeamNS Clubhouse Official Opening Video

Our Scope: Filming & Post-production

Producer: Jasmine Heng & Ledon Lim | Videographer: Melvin Mak | Video Editor: Kevin Chan

In this HomeTeamNS Clubhouse official opening video, our video team took a unique approach for integrating the presenters. The presenter was filmed with a green screen background, and the background is key out in the post-production.

This approach worked well in this video, allowing the presenter to engage the audience on a more personal level throughout the duration of the video.

Community Video for Social Services Organisation

Social Service Community Video, produced by Vivid Media

Our Scope: Filming & Post-production

In this video interview series, 3 outstanding subjects were featured and sharing their thoughts about volunteering. To make the video more interesting, 2 camera angles were used. And photos from an existing library was added to bring context of their interview content. Our video team had also filmed B-rolls of the volunteers in action to complete the story.

Community Video for Nonprofit Organisations

Nonprofit Community Video, produced by Vivid Media

Our Scope: Filming & Post-production

This video we done for Children Cancer Foundation features two childhood cancer survivors, Jeremy and Qin Han, sharing about their first-hand journey with cancer, and what it was like for them. This interview video uses an informal Q&A style, which makes the subject more approachable and comes across as more authentic.

Community Video for Nonprofit Organisations

Community Event Video Production for National Day

Our Scope: Filming & Post-production

Starting with a Timelapse of the event area setup, this video highlight moves on to cover the diversity of residents who contributed and attended the National Day celebration event.

With an event as crowded as this, pre-event planning is necessary to coordinate a shot list and shoot schedule. This allows the team of photographers and videographers to prepare and position themselves effectively to cover the necessary shots.

Lead Time for Community Video Production

The overall lead time for a community video production will be approx. 5 weeks. However, the timeline is negotiable and set based on your production requirements and the availability of your subjects and resources.

Videos requiring pre-production such as such storyboard, location & talent sourcing will likely require a longer lead time. While communication video can be completed within a much shorter timeline.

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Vivid Media Company Group Photo Singapore
Group photo of the Vivid Media video production team

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